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Announcing New Scholarly iQ Usage Statistics

Dear Consortium Administrator & Librarian: 

ACM is pleased to announce that as of August 15, 2009 monthly usage statistics for the ACM Digital Library will be provided through our new service provider Scholarly iQ. For those of you not familiar with Scholarly iQ, you can learn more about this leading library and publisher services company on their website . We are very excited about working with Scholarly iQ and are confident that they will provide you with an improved experience for accessing usage reports for the ACM Digital Library. The reports generated by Scholarly iQ are already compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice Release 2 and Scholarly iQ is making final preparations to be compliant with Release 3 this fall. 

There are several key things you need to be aware of as we transition to this new usage statistics platform. The first is that you will need to access your ACM DL usage reports from a new site. The URL for this new site is as follows: . Once there, you will be prompted to enter your existing username and password into the system. For convenience, we have not changed usernames or passwords from the previous system, so please continue to use the access information ACM has provided you in the past. If you have any difficulty accessing the system with your login information or any difficulty retrieving your reports once in the system, please contact Emily Eng at [email protected] . The second key item is that current year statistics will be provided in the main system, as well as links to 3 years of historical data provided in an easy to download format. 

In addition, I would encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the Scholarly iQ website at which will be updated from time to time. This FAQ document will provide you with answers to many of your most urgent questions. It is worth pointing out that a major difference with the new reports generated by Scholarly iQ is that the new COUNTER reports will include full-text download information for both journals and conference proceedings. In the past, ACM COUNTER reports only reported usage on ACM journals, and excluded the significant usage that exists with our collection of thousands of conference proceedings and other publications.  Taking into account the importance of accurate and complete usage information in your renewal decisions, we view this as a major step forward in providing you with a complete picture of how your users are utilizing the ACM Digital Library. 

Lastly, if you are no longer responsible for gathering usage data for your institution or consortium, please forward this message to the appropriate person, and email [email protected]  or [email protected] with the new contact details. Thank you for your continued patronage of the ACM Digital Library and we look forward to your feedback in the coming months regarding this exciting development.




Scott Delman
Group Publisher
Association for Computing Machinery