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ACM / IEEE-CS Jointly Published Curricula

Perhaps the most significant way to advance computing as a science and discipline, is by the joint publication of curriculum guidelines that will help train future generations of computing professionals. In the decades since the 1960s ACM and IEEE-CS (along with other leading scientific computing societies) have produced curriculum recommendations to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing computing technology landscape. This joint activity continues to evolve as new computing disciplines emerge and existing curriculum recommendations need to be updated. 

ACM and IEEE-CS have an agreed upon Memo of Understanding Regarding Joint Efforts on Computing Curriculum that addresses all aspects of publication. Together, they have published curriculum guidelines for the following areas: undergraduate Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. Curriculum 68: Recommendations for Academic Programs in Computer Science represented the first joint curricular effort between ACM and IEEE-CS. 

In terms of the latest curriculum efforts, representatives from ACM and IEEE-CS comprise the CS2013 Steering Committee. Computer Science 2013 (CS2013) revisits and redefines the knowledge areas in CS, rethinking the essentials necessary for a CS curriculum. The high-level themes on which the CS2013 is based include: The “Big Tent” View of CS; Managing the Size of the Curriculum; Actual Course Exemplars; and Institutional Needs.