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Headquarters Support Services

Membership Promotion

The headquarters office can help chapters planning ACM membership drives by providing ACM Membership Applications, brochures, and promotional materials.

Chapter Outreach 

If you would like to promote one of your events or notify local ACM members of your chapter, please send a draft of the email you would like sent to the Local Activities Coordinator. Please be sure to include the geographic areas you would like to reach ie: city or zipcode range.


ACM offers use of its Chapters-Announcement listserv to publicize noteworthy chapter events and conferences to ACM members in a specified area. The person requesting such services must have valid ACM membership, and should send a message in plain text format, along with a zip code range or ranges, to the Local Activities Coordinator. Chapters are limited to one message per month.

Some examples of newsworthy items include:

  • Joint meetings with other societies
  • Speakers from our Distinguished Speakers Program
  • Local conferences, workshops or seminars
  • Special awards or recognition
  • Scholarships
  • Contests/competitions

Distinguished Speakers Program

The ACM Distinguished Speakers Program is one of the premier technology outreach programs in the computing industry. Each year several dozen distinguished computing professionals serve as current ACM Distinguished lecturers. These lecturers give talks to over one hundred ACM chapters and regional magnet events.

Recognition of Service Certificates

Recognition of service certificates for outgoing chairpersons who have served at least one year in office will be issued free of charge upon written request. Certificates for other officers will be issued on a cost recovery basis. The ACM President and Secretary sign these certificates. Send your request to

Depository for Bylaws

Headquarters coordinates the initial processing of petitions and bylaws for new chapters and the processing of bylaw amendments with the Membership Activities Board, and issues a hand-lettered Certificate of Charter when a chapter is chartered. Copies of each chapter's bylaws are kept on file at Headquarters, and are available upon request.

Financial Guidance

Each chapter is required to submit a statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements every year. The Local Activities Director can answer most general questions about the form, as well as other basic questions regarding financial management. Questions more complex in nature should be directed to ACM controller. All inquiries from the IRS to the chapter should be directed to the ACM Director of Finance.

ACM Business Insurance Coverage

The Commercial Package covers ACM legal liability for negligent acts on the part of ACM employees, volunteers, ACM Professional, Special Interest Group (SIG), and Student Chapters causing bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage to a third party up to $1 million each occurrence and $2 million aggregate as long as the suit is brought in the US; the following major perils worldwide are covered:

  • injury arising out of accidents
  • property damage arising out of accidents
  • personal injury (false arrest, invasion of privacy, libel and slander)
  • serving alcoholic beverages
  • fire legal liability (if ACM causes a fire in leased premises)
  • liability for business contracts (covers legal liabilities for damage or loss of property and bodily injury ACM would be responsible for in contracts, but would not cover non-performance)