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Technical Focus Committees

ACM chapters are encouraged to form technical focus groups or committees to serve the technical interests of their members. These groups can help chapters in many ways. They can attract speakers for regular chapter meetings as well as the more specialized activities. They can generate items for your newsletter. Most important, they provide a focus for common technical interests of your members. When organized, those members can provide useful services, such as seminars or lecture series, to the full chapter membership.

Technical committees or focus groups are distinct from Local SIGs in that they are not chartered by the ACM Chief Operating Officer as official ACM entities; instead, these groups (or committees, or whatever name your chapter chooses) operate as committees of the chapter; their rights and responsibilities are, like any other chapter; derived from their position within the chapter. They do not have bylaws approved by the ACM; they do not have treasuries separate from the chapter's treasuries (and are not authorized to open bank accounts); and they do not have membership or officer requirements beyond those set by the chapter. In addition, these groups are not required to submit activity or financial reports to ACM (like other chapter committees, the financial reports to ACM (like other chapter committees, the activities of these groups should be summarized on the chapter's annual report); and they are not authorized to request funds directly from ACM or ACM SIGs (requests for funds for these groups activities should be made by the recognized chapter leaders).

Technical focus committees are often formed when a group of chapter members discovers a common technical interest. Often, their members will request that the chapter's executive council recognize them as a committee of the chapter. The process for committee formation and administration will vary from chapter to chapter; as stated above, there are no ACM- or ACM SIG- imposed requirements. Usually, the chapter's Vice Chairperson or Activities Chairperson is responsible for overseeing the committee's activities.