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ACM Student Chapters: Community Outreach Opportunities

ACM Student Chapters: Community Outreach Opportunities!

ACM needs help from talented undergraduates in computer science! We are searching for JETT and TECS workshop hosts from colleges and universities all over the country. Workshop hosts work with the JETT and TECS coordinator to plan and execute a one or two-day workshop, in your CS department, for local high school teachers. This is a great way to reach out to the community, help the teachers who prepared you to study CS at college, and gain actual teaching experience in the lab and classroom!

  • JETT is a national series of one- and two-day workshops for high school computer science teachers. Professors, graduate students, and talented undergraduates from the host college or university work together to teach Java and Java teaching strategies to local high school teachers. Workshops include lab and classroom sessions. At the end of each workshop, teachers are able to bring their new knowledge back home, to their classrooms. Here is a the list of topics that may be presented at JETT workshops:
  • TECS workshops are also one or two days long, but unlike JETT, TECS workshops are NOT Java specific. At a TECS workshop you can present information on a wide range of CS topics from the relationship between math and CS to the Internet and WWW. Here is a link to the full list of TECS topics:

    If you are wondering what it takes to organize and host a workshop, get all the details here: and here:

Questions? Ideas? Concerns? Contact Gail Chapman. If you are already pretty sure you would like to host a workshop, and you want to get the ball rolling, simply go ahead and fill out the appropriate form below, and you will be contacted shortly by phone or email:

Keep in mind, JETT and TECS are community outreach programs designed to offer affordable, local mentoring and assistance to teachers who need it badly. Spearheading a JETT or TECS workshop is an excellent way for your student chapter to reach out to the community!