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January 20, 2009: 2008 ACM Fellows Announced

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Today's Topic: 2008 ACM Fellows Announced
January 20, 2009

ACM has recently recognized 44 of its members for their contributions to computing technology that have generated a broad range of innovations for industry, commerce, entertainment, and education.

The 2008 ACM Fellows, from the world’s leading universities, industries, and research labs, have created advances in computer theory as well as practice. These technology developments have consistently demonstrated their crucial role in forming the foundation for sustained economic growth in an information-based society.

“These men and women are the inventors of technology that impact the way people live and work throughout the world,” said ACM President, Professor Dame Wendy Hall. “Their selection as 2008 ACM Fellows offers us an opportunity to recognize their dedicated leadership in this dynamic field, and to honor their contributions to solving complex problems, expanding the impact of technology, and advancing the quality of life for people everywhere.”

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