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January 20, 2011: ACM Introduces Cloud Computing Tech Pack

Today's Topic: ACM Introduces Cloud Computing Tech Pack
Thursday, January 20, 2011

ACM's Tech Pack on Cloud Computing is now available to ACM members to help them stay current on what ACM subject experts are reading. This initial authoritative, foundational resource was compiled by Doug Terry, Principal Researcher in the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Lab. It provides an annotated list of topics and related published papers on key aspects of cloud computing from a variety of perspectives.

Cloud computing promises to radically change the way computer applications and services are constructed, delivered, and managed. It is a fundamental new paradigm in which computing is migrating from personal computers sitting on a desk to large, centrally managed datacenters.

The Cloud Computing Tech Pack poses a set of questions of interest to researchers and practitioners. The readings were selected to provide insights and introduce new relevant technologies. Content was compiled from ACM's Digital Library, ACM's online book offerings, and non-ACM resources.

Click on the ACM Tech Pack on Cloud Computing.

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