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July 26, 2011: ACM Releases Cloud Computing Tech Pack 2.0

Today's Topic: ACM Releases Cloud Computing Tech Pack 2.0

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't miss the just-released ACM Tech Pack on Cloud Computing: Version 2.0! In this "refresh," Microsoft Research's Doug Terry provides updated coverage on nearly every particle of the "Cloud," with substantial additions to the Storage, Virtualization, Provisioning and Monitoring, and Mobile Clients sections. Terry expertly annotates a variety of perspectives on the topic ranging from popular CACM articles and authoritative papers to proceedings from essential conferences, symposia, and workshops.

Readings are anchored in ACM Digital Library materials and complemented by a collection of ACM and non-ACM Related Materials (see right sidebar on Cloud Computing site). Highlighting these is Terry's virtual keynote Technology in the Cloud - Plus Some Challenges and Opportunities, the most popular session during the recent "24 Hours in the Cloud" event produced by GITCA, a global alliance of IT societies.

Did You Know? ACM members get complimentary access to all DL materials found inside a Tech Pack.