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March 17, 2009: ACM Awards Recognize Innovators in Computer Science

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Today's Topic: ACM Awards Recognize Innovators in Computer Science
March 17, 2009

Today ACM announced the winners of five prestigious awards honoring innovations in computing technology that benefit society through their profound impact on the way we live and work.

The winners are:

Corinna Cortes and Vladimir Vapnik, the Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award, for their revolutionary development of a highly effective algorithm known as Support Vector Machines (SVM), a set of related supervised learning methods used for data classification and regression common in the field of artificial intelligence.

Gamma Parallel Database System, the Software System Award, for this prototype parallel relational database system, which was the first parallel database management system (DBMS) to publish results demonstrating the ability to run the same query with the same performance on more and more data by simply adding hardware nodes.

Barbara Grosz and Joseph Y. Halpern, the ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award. Grosz is recognized for her pioneering research in natural language processing, and her leadership in the artificial intelligence field. Halpern is honored for fundamental advances in reasoning about knowledge, belief, and uncertainty.

Dawson Engler, the Grace Murray Hopper Award, for groundbreaking research on automated program checking and finding bugs in complex computer software.

John Hopcroft, the Karl V. Karlstom Outstanding Educator, for his vision and impact on computer science as a prolific author of field-defining texts on theory and algorithms.

ACM will present these and other awards at the ACM Awards Banquet on
June 27, in San Diego, CA.

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