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March 22, 11: Digital Library Features Redesigned Binders to Create & Share Articles

Today's Topic: ACM Digital Library Features Redesigned Binders to Create and Share Articles
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Users of ACM's enhanced Digital Library can now create customized collections of articles, and store them in a newly redesigned binder format for easy access. DL users can also share these collections and export them into standard authoring tools or save them in PDF format.

A free ACM Web Account is all that is needed to create and access these valuable tools and share them with ACM and non-ACM members. The redesigned binder format also enables users to add personal annotations to the overall binder as well as to individual articles.

Users can generate a PDF of binder contents that includes a Table of Contents and full text. Access to full-text articles is determined by DL subscriptions as well as by individual ACM publication subscriptions. Options to purchase articles or subscriptions are also available.

Binder bibliographic information can be exported using standard formats, enabling users to generate stored bibliographies in BibTeX, EndNote, and ACMRef, a feature especially useful for academic or research papers. Users can choose the order in which binder contents appear via a simple drag-and-drop operation. They can also access an auto-generated Reading List binder that captures the 15 most recently read articles, providing continuity for future DL visits.

The ACM DL's extensive collection of knowledge charts the evolution of computing as a science and a profession. Its newly integrated features, functionality, and content constitute a critical resource for computing professionals who drive innovation in the digital age.

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