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May 10, 2011: FCRC 2011 Early Registration Discount Expires May 16

Today's Topic: FCRC 2011 Early Registration Discount Expires May 16
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time is running out for the Early Registration discount for FCRC 2011 June 4-11. This registration deadline is May 16. ACM's Federated Computing Research Conference in San Jose, CA is presenting computing research that is changing the world.

ACM 2010 Turing Award winner Leslie Valiant of Harvard heads a distinguished group of speakers. Valiant, who will present the Turing Award Lecture, was honored for research that opened new frontiers, transforming learning theory, computational complexity, and parallel and distributed computing.

Other plenary speakers:

  • IBM's David Ferrucci on IBM's Watson/DeepQA
  • Microsoft Research's Ravi Kannan, 2011 Knuth Prize winner, on highlights and challenges to algorithms
  • Google's Luiz Andre Barroso on entering the teenage decade in warehouse-scale computing
  • Carnegie Mellon's Luis von Ahn on solving problems with millions of humans and computers
  • USC's Maja Mataric on human-robot interaction methods for socially assistive robotics

The next ten years of advances in computer science should be far more significant and interesting than the past ten years. With more than 16 affiliated computing research conferences in one location, FCRC 2011 facilitates communication among researchers in computer science and engineering and offers a window into how computing is driving innovation and changing the world.

Read the 2010 ACM Turing Award news release.
Read the 2011 Knuth Prize news release.