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May 24, 2011: ACM Digital Library Adds Institutional Profile Pages

Today's Topic: ACM Digital Library Adds Institutional Profile Pages

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The latest enhancement to ACM's Digital Library is Institutional Profile pages for institutions affiliated with ACM DL authors, offering a snapshot of each institution's contributions to the computing field. Elements on the Institutional Profile page include tag clouds that capture major subject areas and allow readers to explore related topics.

The Institutional Profile interface follows the tab format of other new pages in the DL that facilitate access to a range of information. For example, the Award Winners tab displays ACM Turing Award winners and Fellows affiliated with the institution. Other tabs show information on authors' paper counts, collaborating institutions, publication archives, ACM SIG affiliations, and listings of papers where at least one author is known to have been affiliated with the institution at the time of publication.

In addition to subject areas, Institutional Profile pages provide data on the Top 10 articles recently downloaded and the most cited articles over time. They include a cumulative publication history with extensive statistics on works from authors affiliated with a given institution. They also provide links to published proceedings and to author pages for each article. A graphical display of published items by year tracks quantitative trends for each institution.

ACM DL users will encounter these Institutional Profile pages organically, through article citation or author pages. The following examples reflect the page's composition:

Chalmers University of Technology
IBM Almaden
New York University

The ACM DL's extensive collection of knowledge charts the evolution of computing as a science and a profession. Its integrated features, functionality, and content constitute a critical resource for computing professionals who drive innovation in the digital age.