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May 6, 2010: First National Lab Day Seeks ACM Volunteers

Today's Topic: First National Lab Day Seeks ACM Volunteers
Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear ACM Member,

May 12th marks the first National Lab Day, a partnership of more than 200 industry and non-profit organizations and volunteers. This year-round effort is designed to bring high-quality, hands-on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science education experiences to middle and high school students.

National Lab Day is seeking volunteers from the ACM community to be paired with local K-12 teachers through the NLD website. Learn more and sign up to search the NLD interactive map to find projects for your skills, timeframe and location at:

Currently, nearly 50 teacher-identified computer science projects and hundreds of other discipline-specific projects needing volunteers are listed. Your commitment could be as little as a few hours but it is critical to NLD's success. Volunteer opportunities cover a wide range from mentoring, to helping design and implement hands-on projects, to identifying computing resources.

Please join in this nationwide movement to support active teaching, inspire children, and build long-term relationships between science professionals and the K-12 classroom.

John White
ACM Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Wilson
ACM Director of Public Policy

P.S. ACM led a joint effort to establish the first Computer Science Education Week last December with CSTA, NCWIT, CRA, and the support of Google Inc., Intel, and Microsoft. CSEDWeek demonstrates the strength of the national STEM education movement, of which National Lab Day is a part. Learn more about CSEDWeek, and discover how computer science touches everyone's lives and plays a critical role in society at: