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October 23, 2012: ACM Queue Launches Video Portrait Series

Today's Topic: ACM Queue Launches Video Portrait Series

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ACM Queue, the popular website for practitioners, has launched a series of video interviews with today's leading computing innovators who are also members of ACM.

The inaugural video features Robert Watson, a security researcher and open source developer at the University of Cambridge, interviewed by George Neville-Neil, also known as Queue's Kode Vicious. Watson is working on a project that studies the hardware/software interface in order to understand how to improve computer security and performance. The potential impact of his provocative research reaches into all aspects of computing: applications, mobile computing, operating systems, graphics processing, the Web and email.

Watson discusses the many challenges faced by software and hardware designers today: the proliferation of malware; balancing protection with optimization; and the need to collaborate across computing sub-disciplines on large projects. Seeking to combat what he sees as "siloization" of the field, he notes that "some of the most exciting developments in computer science come out of hybridization of different fields, collaborations between people with different interests and backgrounds, and this is reflected in how we teach our students."

His project focuses on hardware that can support application developers dealing with many different security domains. But he also points to the large corpus of open source software products that aid in collaboration through experimentation. "We're able to have a very productive research relationship in which we build on each other's results," he says.

More Queue Portrait videos are in the planning stages. Watch your inbox for news on this exciting series!