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SIG Newsletters

The following is a list of all SIG newsletters and their frequency:

SIGACCESS - Accessibility and Computing (tri-annually)*

SIGACT - Algorithms & Computational Theory (quarterly)

SIGADA - ADA Programming Language (tri-annually)

SIGAPP - Applied Computing (annually)*

SIGARCH - Computer Architecture News (five times per year)

SIGART - Artificial Intelligence (annually)

SIGBED – SIGBED Newsletter (biannually)*

SIGCAS - Computers and Society (quarterly)*

SIGCHI - SIGCHI Bulletin (bimonthly)*

SIGCOMM – Computer Communication Review (five times per year)

SIGCSE – ACM Inroads (quarterly)

SIGDA - SIGDA News (tri-annually)*

SIGDOC - Systems Documentation (quarterly)*

SIGecom – SIGecom Exchanges (quarterly)*

SIGEVO – SIGevolution (bi-annually)*

SIGGRAPH – Computer Graphics (quarterly)*

SIGIR – Forum (biannually)

SIGITE – Research in IT (quarterly)*

SIGKDD – Explorations (biannually)

SIGMETRICS – Performance Evaluation Review (quarterly)

SIGMICRO – Microarchitecture (annually)

SIGMIS – Databases for Advances in Information Systems (quarterly)

SIGMM – Multimedia Record (annually)

SIGMOBILE – Mobile Computing and Communications Review (quarterly)

SIGMOD – SIGMOD Record (quarterly)

Online SIGMOD – SIGMOD Record (quarterly)*

SIGOPS – Operating Systems Review (tri-annually)

SIGPLAN – SIGPLAN Notices (monthly)

Online SIGPLAN – SIGPLAN Notices (monthly)*

SIGSAC – Security, Audit & Control (annually)

SIGSAM – Communications in Computer Algebra (quarterly)

SIGSIM – Simulation and Modeling (annually)

SIGSOFT - Software Engineering Notes (bimonthly)

SIGSPATIAL - SIGSPATIAL newsletter (biannually)*

SIGUCCS - University and College Computing (annually)

SIGWEB - Hypertext/Hypermedia (annually)

*online only