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Student Membership Quick Reference Guide

Student Membership Quick Reference Guide

Student Membership Quick Reference Guide

Welcome to the ACM Community! This Guide will help you get started with your new membership. We also recommend that you bookmark the ACM Student Center Homepage, as it will keep you current on the latest ACM news and information.

Understanding Your Benefits/What to Expect

Your issues of Communications of the ACM online, Crossroads, MemberNet, TechNews, CareerNews and Student Quick Takes
If you provided ACM with your email address, you will receive the following electronic member communications from ACM:

  •  XRDS:Crossroads magazine is published on a quarterly basis and will be sent to you via postal mail. We encourage you to visit the Crossroads website, where you will be able to peruse archived issues, tutorials, learn more about programming languages, read the 'Day in the Life' series, and more. You will also find the editorial calendar, and volunteering opportunities.
  •  Student Quick Takes is a quarterly email newsletter geared specifically for students, to help you get the most of out of your student membership. Each issue highlights new features of interest to students on the ACM website, such as volunteering opportunities, contests, scholarships, and more!
  •  MemberNet - ACM's monthly electronic newsletter chronicling not just of ACM activities and people, but of developments in the computing world as a whole.
  •  TechNews - ACM's tri-weekly IT news digest.
  •  CareerNews - ACM's twice monthly IT career news digest.

For those of you that have selected the Student Digital Library and Print Package of the Student Print Package, your first print issue of CACM will arrive in the month after your membership was processed. You will receive twelve issues in total.

Setting Up Your ACM Web Account.

If you have selected the Digital Library option with your ACM membership, you should receive an email notification asking you to set up your ACM Web Account to enable your Digital Library access.

Establishing your ACM Web Account will:

  • Enable you to take advantage of full access to Online courses targeted toward essential IT skills and popular certifications and Online Books from Books24x7®, Morgan Kaufmann and Syngres in the ACM Learning Center
  • Enable you to create your email forwarding address
  • Enable complete access to the ACM Digital Library if you have selected the Student Membership PLUS Digital Library option.
  • Enable complete access to the ACM Career & Job Center
  • Provide you with access to ACM TechNews and CareerNews
  • Allow you to view Your Membership Profile, Update your Contact Information and Review Your Memberships and Subscriptions online
  • Shop in the ACM estore
  • Let you renew Your Membership online

Set up your free ACM Web Account today!

Review your Contact Information, Memberships and Subscriptions online.

Once you have set up your ACM Web Account you will be able to review your current contact information, memberships, and subscriptions online. We recommend that you verify your contact information, and update it with any changes you may have over time. Keeping your contact information ensures that you will receive your publications on-time and that access to the ACM e-mail based programs such as CACM Pointers, TechNews, CareerNews, MemberNet, and Student Quick Takes will not be interrupted.

Take advantage of the ACM Digital Library and its Personalization Tools.

With the ACM Student Membership PLUS Digital Library, our best Student Membership Value, you will receive full, unrestricted access to the ACM Digital Library. Now, when you need to find the latest information on a particular topic in computing (and we cover them all) you will have access not only to ACM's vast repertoire of journals, magazines and conference proceedings, but also to third-party content, and to a vast database of bibliographic citations extending beyond ACM's proprietary information. No more wasting your time on unfiltered Internet searches or other databases not specifically dedicated to the field of computing.

Just imagine what this resource can do for your reports and thesis!

In total, the ACM Digital Library provides access to:

  • Almost 2 million pages of full-text from ACM journals, magazines, SIG Conference Proceedings, and SIG Newsletters, plus their archives.
  • More than one million bibliographic citations.
  • A new and substantially faster search engine facilitating the quick development of a number of browsable "views" - title, author, year published, technical interest, ACM's computing classification scheme, etc.
  • A more robust system of parallel processors, redundant servers, and vastly increased bandwidth.
  • A growing set of internal and external links.
  • Full-text third-party content such as the Linux Journal
  • Access to reviews by computing experts the Online Computing Reviews Service, plus an interactive discussion forum.
  • Tables of Contents alerts for ACM journals and magazines.
  • Peer-to-Peer article recommendations
  • Virtual Binders
  • Digital Library Forums

Just imagine how far this capability can go towards keeping you ahead of the learning curve in your area of interest!

Take advantage of the FREE services afforded you with your membership.

The ACM Career and Job Centre
Post your resume, search for jobs, explore different CS/IS/MIS fields, assess your career, ask and get answers to your career questions, find out the news on the IT Workplace, International Job Searching, IT Programs/MBAs, IT Certification, Government Jobs, Academic Jobs, Internships, plus information on how to succeed in your CS/IS/MIS Studies, How to be a Better Student, and more!

Enjoy access to Ubiquity, ACM's online IT magazine and discussion forum.

eLearn -
Gain perspective on the rapidly evolving world of online education and training.

Risks Forum -
Read, research, and take part in moderated discussions of risks to the public in computers and related systems.

Washington Update -
Keep track as the US Government tackles issues of importance to the global computing community.

Discounts on ACM Sponsored Conferences, Magazines, Journals, and ACM Press Books

ACM members receive significant registration discounts at over 120 conferences per year.

To locate the latest conference information, please visit our online SIG Conference Calendar at
To Purchase an ACM magazine, journal, or ACM Press Book, please visit our online -

Additional Discounts
The ACM's Discounts, and Special Offers Program, an exclusive benefit of ACM Membership, offers discounts of up to 40% on software, hardware, books and journals, conferences, insurance, credit cards, travel, and more. To find out about the latest discount offers, please visit the Program website, located at

ACM's Insurance Programs
ACM offers members an array of insurance programs, many at special group rates. Some restrictions apply.

Get Involved.

Your ACM Student Membership affords you many excellent opportunities for you to meet, network, and learn from your fellow ACM Members:

Explore the options to increase your membership value.

We encourage you to investigate the ACM Special Interest Groups and to add those that are of interest to your Membership Record. The ACM SIGs focus on specific fields within the industry as a whole and represent an excellent means of gaining knowledge and making contacts within the field. The SIGs offer greatly discounted student membership rates as well.

The ACM publications, including magazines and journals offer a wealth of information on specific topics, at special discounted rates for students.

Questions about Your Student Membership? Contact us, or visit our Customer Service FAQs.

We've assembled the following Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some of your questions and concerns about your Membership. Find information about Member Benefits, Membership Status, Change of Address, Renewal, Adding Services/Ordering, Cancellations, Claims, Prices, and Events/Conferences.

ACM Contact Information

At any time during your membership, should you have any questions about your Membership benefits and services, please do not hesitate to contact us:

ACM Member Services
PH: 1-800-342-6626 (US and Canada)
+1-212-626-0500 (Global)

Office Hours:
8:30am - 4:30 pm, US Eastern Time

FAX: +1-212-944-1318

MAIL: Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.
General Post Office
PO Box 30777
New York, NY 10087-0777