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ACM Names 37 Distinguished Members for Advances in Computing Technology
Recipients’ Contributions Drove Innovations in Science, Engineering, Business
interactions Reports: Designing Products that Meet Social, Cultural Concerns to Succeed in Global Markets
Current Issue Also Highlights How Social Networks Change the Way We Connect and Communicate
CACM Reports: How Information Systems Sustain Economic Relationships in the Developing World
January Issue Explores Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Adopting Information and Communications Technology
ACM Expands History Committee to Accommodate New Initiatives
Babbage Institute’s Tom Misa Joins Committee; University of Utah’s Mary Hall Elevated to Chair
ACM Names 44 Fellows for Contributions to Computing and IT
Many Innovations Made in Areas Critical to Global Competitiveness
ACM Salutes President Wendy Hall’s Appointment as DBE by Queen Elizabeth
Recognition of Her Contribution to the Field of Computing