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Google's Vint Cerf Warns of "Digital Dark Age"
BBC News, February 13, 2015
ACM past president Vint Cerf, one of the pioneers of Internet technology and now a vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, worries about a forthcoming "digital Dark Age" in which the rapid pace of technological advancement will leave behind mountains of data people will no longer be able to access.

Hack Education Weekly News, January 9, 2015
The Computer Science Teachers Association has released the results of its 2014 high school survey. Among the findings, “participants applied the term ‘computer science’ to a vast array of topics and courses, many of which were submitted as ‘other’ courses in response to the topics that were provided in the survey. Participants classified studies in business management, yearbook layout, artificial intelligence, robotics, office applications, and automated design as computer science courses.”

6 Incredible Spy technologies That are Actually Real
Business Insider, January 7, 2015
But many of the most far-out devices seen in old movies have been made obsolete by incredible leaps in today's consumer technology, said Vince Houghton, a historian and curator at the International Spy Museum in Washington, are some of the most incredible real-world spy technologies. Scientists at the University of Texas created a way to reconstruct conversations simply by taking pictures of the environment in which the words were spoken, according to a presentation at the 2014 SIGGRAPH conference. The new technique now means that, theoretically, anyone who can snap photos or video of a room could recreate conversations that occurred there — without having to bug the place or put their ear to the door.

Getting Value From Your Data Scientists
MIT Sloan Management Review, January 7, 2015
In our own work with companies that employ data scientists, we’ve noticed that the organizations that create the most value from data science are those that seek game-changing insights into the open-ended questions that matter most to the business. To avoid repeating some of the mistakes that have undermined the success of previous generations of analytical talent, executives should consider the following seven recommendations: ....our research suggests that data scientists are highly motivated by peer group recognition. The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) sponsors the Franz Edelman Award to recognize and reward outstanding examples of operations research, management science and advanced analytics in practice, while the Association for Computing Machinery sponsors the annual KDD Cup competition in the field of knowledge discovery and data mining.

You'll be Hacked
Reno News and Reviews, January 1, 2015
In November, Arizona State University computer scientist Gail-Joon Ahn chaired the 21st Association for Computing Machinery’s Conference on Computer and Communications Security in Scottsdale, Ariz. Ahn is involved in creating a secure mobile wallet and has secured several patents for the technology. Another of Ahn’s research projects involves an unsecured “honeypot” server that waits like flypaper for malware to strike. The idea is to study it, identify its signatures and, using social media, try to identify its origin. He also suggests that a way around the spate of POS and other credit-card attacks on retailers may be to rethink our approach to financial transactions.

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