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Fran Allen Wins 2006 A M Turing Award
First Woman to Receive ACM Turing Award
Graphics And Computer Vision Innovator Wins ACM SIGGRAPH Research Award
Columbia Professor Cited for Ground Breaking Work on Visual Appearance of Objects
ACM SIGGRAPH Honors Computer Animator For Visualization Advances
Max to Receive Highest Honor in Computer Graphics
ACM'S Turing Award Prize Raised To $250,000
Google Joins Intel to Provide Increased Funding for Most Significant Award in Computing
ACM, IEEE-CS Honor Leader Of Computer Architecture Research Center
ACM Group Honors Research Team For Rare Finding In Computer Security
Gödel Prize Awarded for Breakthrough on What Computers Can and Cannot Do
Nancy Lynch Named Recipient Of ACM Knuth Award
ACM President’s Award Honors Leading Proponent Of Computer Security, Ethics and Safety
Spafford Cited for Service to Computing Community on Security and Policy Issues
ACM Awards Recognize Computing Innovators Who Solve Real World Problems
Awards Honor Lifetime Achievers as well as Outstanding Young Professionals
ACM Recognizes Contributors Who Advanced The Computing Field
ACM Honors Professor For Helping Computers Understand Natural Languages
Best Young Computer Professional Makes Progress in Artificial Intelligence
Scientist To Receive ACM Award For Developing Eiffel Computer Language
Bertrand Meyer is Recipient of Software System Award for Impact on Software Quality
ACM Honors Electronic Design Automation Technologies Pioneer
Robert Brayton's Research Reduced Human Effort Needed to Design Digital Systems
Karen Spärck Jones Wins Two ACM Awards
Professor Earns Recognition for Work Fundamental to Modern Search Engines
ACM Names 41 Fellows For Contributions To Computing And IT
Winners Represent Leading Industries, Universities, Research Labs
New ACM–Infosys Foundation Award Recognizes Contemporary Computer Science Research
Virtual Reality Innovator Honored with Karlstrom Award by ACM
ACM Names 38 Fellows for Computing and IT Innovations
ACM Taps 20 Distinguished Engineers and Scientists for Achievements in Computing
ACM 2007 Gordon Bell Prize for Supercomputer Innovation
2007 ACM SIGSAC Innovation and Service Awards
ACM Turing Award Honors Founders of Automatic Verification Technology
Researchers Created Model Checking Technique for Hardware and Software Designers
Young Researcher to Receive Grace Murray Hopper Award for Internet Performance Measurement
Internet Expert's Findings Advance Internet Efficiency and Reliability
ACM Software System Award Honors Pioneers of Software Engineering Tool
Software System Award Cites Statemate, First Commercial Tool to Apply Innovative Visual Languages to Conquer Escalating Design Challenges
ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award Recognizes Leonidas Guibas for Algorithms Advancing CS Fields
Stanford Professor’s Ground-Breaking Research Shaped Computational Geometry Field
Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award Honors Design Automation Expert
Walker Led Efforts to Increase Interaction among ACM Computing Communities
Distinguished Service Award Recognizes David Patterson for Initiatives that Advanced Computing Profession
Former ACM President Made Computing Better Understood and Respected Worldwide
ACM Committee on Women Honors Cryptographic Researcher with Athena Lecturer Award
Goldwasser Wins Athena Award for Research that Advanced Secure Internet Transactions
SIGCHI Announces Best of CHI 2008 Award Winners
Conference Honors Research that Addresses Problems of Accessibility, Homelessness, Healthcare, Emerging Markets
ACM, Infosys Foundation Announce Winner of New Award Honoring Contemporary Contributions in Computer Science
$150,000 Prize to Stanford’s Koller for Groundbreaking Work in Making Computers Intelligent
ACM Kanellakis Award Honors Innovator of Automated Tools for Mathematics
Bruno Buchberger Developed Algorithm Used in Computer Algebra to Solve Problems in Computer Science, Engineering, and Science
Eckert-Mauchly Award Lauds Patterson for Technolgies that Boost Computer Performance
UC Berkeley Professor Led Introduction of New Designs in Computer Architecture
Cryptography Expert Wins ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award
Microsoft Researcher Honored for Advances in Privacy Protection for Information Retrieval
ACM SIGACT Honors Research Team for Helping Computers Solve Practical Problems
Gödel Prize Awarded for Giant Leap Forward in Predicting the Performance of Optimization Tools on Real Data
Lawler Award Goes to Digital Study Hall Team
Wang and Team Recognized for Using Community-Generated Video to Improve Education in India
ACM SIGKDD Innovation Award Honors Yahoo!’s Ramakrishnan
Highest Technical Award Recognizes Pioneering Research in Data Mining
ACM Accepting Nominations for Awards Honoring Excellence in Computing, IT
Wide Range of Achievements Eligible for Prestigious Recognition and Rewards
ACM SIGACT 2008 Knuth Prize Recognizes Strassen for Contributions to Efficient Algorithm Design
Discoveries Apply to Cryptographic Methods that Make Data Secure
ACM College Interest Group Honors Contributions to IT Services on Campuses
ACM College Interest Group Honors Contributions to IT Services on Campuses
Two National Labs Win ACM Gordon Bell Prizes for High-Performance Computing Achievements
Oak Ridge Attains Fastest Performance of a Scientific Supercomputing Application; Berkeley Lab Recognized for Predicting Efficiency of Nanostructure Solar Cells for Energy
High-Performance Computing Breakthroughs Win ACM Gordon Bell Prizes
ACM Names 47 Fellows for Innovations in Computing, Information Technology
Many Achievements Reflect Computational Thinking that Solves Complex Problems
ACM, IEEE-CS Honor Pioneer of Grid Computing
Francine Berman, First Kennedy Award Winner, Led Effort to Create National-Scale Cyberinfrastructure
ACM Names 84 Distinguished Members for Advances in Computing Technology
2009 Nominations from Europe and Asia Increased, Reflecting Widening Scope of ACM Activities
ACM Names 44 Fellows for Contributions to Computing and IT
Many Innovations Made in Areas Critical to Global Competitiveness
ACM Salutes President Wendy Hall’s Appointment as DBE by Queen Elizabeth
Recognition of Her Contribution to the Field of Computing
ACM Names 37 Distinguished Members for Advances in Computing Technology
Recipients’ Contributions Drove Innovations in Science, Engineering, Business
ACM Recognizes Women Leaders in Technology and Innovations to Digital Library
ACM, IEEE-CS Honor Processor Architect Who Bridged Industry-Academic Divide
Joel Emer Pioneered Quantitative Approach to Processor Performance Evaluation
ACM, Infosys Foundation Cite Network Pioneer for Revolutionary Advances in Web Search Techniques
$150,000 Prize to Cornell’s Kleinberg for Contemporary Contributions in Computer Science
Constantinos Daskalakis Wins ACM Award for Advances in Analyzing Behavior in Conflict Situations
His Research Results Characterize the Complexity of Interactions in Markets, Social Networks, and Online Systems
ACM SIGACT Honors Researchers' Contribution to Design of Robust Computer Networks
Awarded for Advances in Constructing and Applying Efficient Expander Graphs that Help Resolve Complex Computing Issues
Intel’s Mukherjee Wins ACM Award for Advancing Reliability of Computer Architecture Design
Discoveries Enabled Cost-Effective Solutions to Soft Errors in Computer Systems
ACM SIGGRAPH Announces Winners of New Award Honoring Achievement in Digital Art
Verostko and Hershman Leeson Cited for Using Computing to Create New Dimensions of Art
Computer Graphics Innovator Wins ACM SIGGRAPH Research Award
Adobe Scientist Cited for Research that Brings Computer Graphics beyond the Lab
Creator of Cloth Simulation Software Tapped for ACM SIGGRAPH Achievement Award
Kass Developed Algorithms to Enable Physical Simulation for Animation in Feature Films
ACM SIGGRAPH Honors Co-Creator of Renderman Software for Advances in Computer Graphics Imaging
Cook to Receive Highest Honor in Computer Graphics for Lifetime Contributions
ACM Fellow Ed Catmull Garners Oscar for Computer Graphics Leadership
ACM Turing Award Goes to Creator of Influential Innovations in Computer Software Design
MIT’s Liskov Pioneered the Standard for Modern Programming Language and Software Reliability
ACM Awards Recognize Innovators in Computer Science
Awards Honor Lifetime Achievers as Well as Outstanding Young Professionals
ACM Information Retrieval Group Honors Pioneer in Search Techniques
Microsoft’s Dumais Cited for Interfaces that Improved Information Retrieval
Computer Vision Technologist Named 2009 Macarthur Fellow
SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award Winner Tapped for “Genius” Grant
ACM Group Taps Visionary in Multimedia Research for Top Award
Lawrence A. Rowe Developed UC Berkeley’s Webcasting System
Cambridge University Professor Honored for Contributions to Computer Networking
Crowcroft Wins ACM SIGCOMM Award for Pioneering Contributions to Multimedia and Group Communications
ACM SIGGRAPH’s Debevec to Receive Academy Award for Innovative Visual Effects
Light Stage Technologies Helped Create Believable Digital Actors in “Avatar” and “Benjamin Button”
AT&T Labs Researcher to Receive ACM SIGACT Knuth Prize for Algorithm Innovations
David S. Johnson Named 2010 Knuth Prize Winner for Innovations that Impacted the Foundations of Computer Science
ACM Turing Award Goes to Creator of First Modern Personal Computer
Thacker, Founding Member of Three Major Research Labs, Linked to Tablet PC and Other Major Innovations in Computing
ACM, Infosys Foundation Honor Innovator of Scalable Web Technology
UC Berkeley’s Brewer to Receive $150,000 Prize for Contemporary Contributions to Data-Intensive Computing and Bringing the Information Technology Revolution to the Developing World
ACM Council on Women Honors Leader in Improving Performance of Computer-Aided Design
Irwin Wins Athena Award for Contributions to Computer Architecture
ACM Awards Recognize Computer Scientists for Innovations that Have Real World Impact
Recipients’ Achievements Have Improved Healthcare, Education, Internet Security, and Network Efficiency and Safety
ACM Recognizes Leaders Who Have Raised Awareness of Computer Science
ACM SIGSOFT Honors Innovators Who Advanced Software Engineering
Two Awards to Be Presented at First-Ever ACM South African Conference on Software
2010 Eckert-Mauchly Award
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Visionary for Advancing the State of Parallel Processing Beyond the Mainstream
Carnegie Mellon's Bryant Wins Newton Award for Formal Verification Technology
ACM/IEEE Award for Improving Product Quality Design to Be Presented at Design Automation Conference
ACM Group Honors Software Developer of Versatile Compilers Used in Advanced Mobile Devices
First-Time SIGPLAN Award to Apple's Chris Lattner for Developing Popular LLVM Infrastructure with Applications in Commercial, Research, Teaching, and Open Source Projects
Gentry Wins ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award for Innovation in Encryption Technology
Doctoral Candidate Developed Scheme that Could Spur Advances in Cloud Computing, Search Engine Queries, and E-Commerce
ACM Council on Women Honors Innovator in Computer Human Interaction
UC Irvine's Olson Named "Athena Lecturer" for Research on How Remote Collaborators Succeed or Fail
ACM Turing Award Goes to Innovator in Machine Learning
Valiant Opened New Frontiers that Transformed Learning Theory, Computational Complexity, and Parallel and Distributed Computing
ACM, Infosys Foundation Honor Innovator in Software System Performance and Security
MIT’s Kaashoek to Receive $150,000 Prize for Landmark Contributions to Changing the Structure of Computer Software Systems
ACM Honors Computing Innovators for Advances in Research, Commerce and Education
Award Winners Recognized for Improvements in Graphics, Information Filtering, Computer Vision, Cryptography, and Educational Opportunities
ACM Recognizes Leaders Who Created Research, Learning Opportunities in Computing
Distinguished Service, Outstanding Contribution Award Recipients Saw Potential of Collaborative Environments to Promote Creativity and Drive Innovation
Microsoft Researcher to Receive ACM SIGACT Knuth Prize
Ravi Kannan Honored for Advances in Algorithmic Techniques
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Innovator of High-Performance Computer Systems Designs
University of Wisconsin's Sohi Developed Advances Widely Adopted by Microprocessor Manufacturers to Increase the Power of Computing
Bryan Parno Wins ACM 2010 Doctoral Dissertation Award for Security Work
Honorable Mention to Benjamin Snyder for study of how computers automatically perform language-oriented tasks
ACM Group Honors Pioneer in Computational Complexity with Second Gödel Prize
Sweden's Johan Håstad Lauded for Landmark Study on Approximation Properties of NP-Hard Problems
ACM SIGGRAPH Announces Winner of Digital Art Lifetime Achievement Award
Ohio State’s Csuri Saw Aesthetic Potential of Computer Imaging
Berkeley Researcher Wins ACM SIGCOMM Award for Internet Advances
Paxson Honored for Security Contributions to Computer Networking
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor UC Berkeley Professor for Software Development Tools
Kennedy Award Recipient Susan Graham Developed Widely Used Computer Profiling Tool
ACM Group Honors Computer Privacy and Security Experts
ACM Group Names Pioneer in Visual Information Retrieval for Top Technical Award
Columbia University's Chang Developed First Image/Video Search Engines
ACM Names Fellows for Computing Advances that Are Driving Innovation
2011 Fellows Represent World's Leading Universities and Corporations
ACM Names 54 Distinguished Members for Contributions to Computing
2011 Recipients Hail from Leading International Universities and Industries
Judea Pearl Wins ACM A.M. Turing Award for Contributions that Transformed Artificial Intelligence
Developed Novel Framework for Reasoning under Uncertainty that Changed How Scientists Approach Real World Problems
ACM-Infosys Foundation Award Goes to Architect of New Approaches for Hard-to-Solve Computational Problems
Princeton Computer Scientist Sanjeev Arora Honored for Breakthroughs that Have Advanced the Power of Computing
ACM Council on Women Honors Leader in Reliability of Computer Systems
MIT's Lynch Named "Athena Lecturer" for Advances in Distributed Systems that Enable Dependable Internet and Wireless Network Applications
ACM Honors Computing Innovators for Advances in Research, Education, and Industry
Award Winners Recognized for Breakthroughs in Web Security, Education, Data Structures, Computer Security, Software Development Tools
ACM Recognizes Leaders Who Shaped Future for Computer and Engineering Professionals, Educators, Policymakers
Doctoral Dissertation Award Honors Innovator of Scientific Discovery through Video Games
ACM SIGACT Presents Gödel Prize for Research that Illuminated Effects of Selfish Internet Use
Three Papers Cited for Laying Foundation of Growth in Algorithmic Game Theory
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Innovator of Dependability of Critical Computer Systems
UCLA's Avižienis Pioneered the Field of Fault-Tolerant Computers Used in Space Exploration
ACM Turing Award Laureates to Join Forum that Strengthens Foundations of Technology
World's Largest Computing Society Unites with Leading Mathematical Societies to Bring Young Researchers Together with Winners of Highest Scientific Awards
ACM Turing Centenary Celebrates Technology Giants of Digital Age
ACM Turing Award Winners Assess How Computing Will Shape the Next Century
Technology Giants Celebrate Alan Turing—the Man, the Scientist, and the Visionary
ACM Groups Honor Innovators Who Transformed Parallel Computing
Herlihy, Moss, Shavit, and Touitou to Receive Dijkstra Prize for Introducing Transactional Memory
ACM SIGIR Honors Leader in Information Retrieval Who Influenced Theory and Practice
Germany’s Fuhr Laid Foundations for Searches that Use Query Logs
ACM SIGACT, IEEE-CS Award Knuth Prize to Co-Discoverer of NP-Completeness
Boston University’s Levin Cited for Innovations in Computational Complexity and Cryptography
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Programming Languages Researcher
Ken Kennedy Award Recipient Mary Lou Soffa Developed Tools for Diagnosing Software Faults
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Goldwasser, Micali Receive ACM Turing Award for Advances in Cryptography
MIT Researchers' Innovations Became Gold Standard for Enabling Secure Internet Transactions
ACM Fellows Named for Computing Innovations that Advance Technologies in Information Age
2012 Fellows Hail from World’s Leading Universities and Corporations
ACM Recognizes Distinguished Members for Computing Advances that Sustain Competitiveness
2012 Recipients Embody the Rewards of Participation in the Computing Community
ACM Council on Women Honors World Leader in High Performance Computing
Berkeley Lab's Yelick Named "Athena Lecturer" for Contributions to Parallel Programming Languages that Improve Programmer Productivity
ACM, Infosys Foundation Honor Google Developers for Innovations that Boost Online Search Capabilities
Dean and Ghemawat Created Software Systems that Enable Cloud Computing
ACM Awards Knuth Prize to Creator of Problem-Solving Theory and Algorithms
Carnegie Mellon's Miller Cited as Pioneer in Theoretical Computer Science
ACM Honors Computing Innovators
Award Winners Made Breakthroughs in Network Efficiency, Data Mining, Education, Game Theory, Programming, and Community Problem-Solving
ACM Names International Computing Visionaries for Advances in Research and Education
Contributions Include Revamping ACM's Computing Taxonomy and Increasing Global Visibility
Gollakota Wins ACM Award for Converting Wireless Interference into a Beneficial Phenomenon in Practice
MIT Doctoral Candidate Designed First WiFi Receivers that Reconstruct Transmitted Information to Improve Performance and Security
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Pioneer of High Performance Computer Memory Systems
James Goodman Achieved Breakthroughs in Architecture of Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
ACM Names 41 Fellows from World's Leading Institutions
Many Innovations Made in Areas Critical to Global Competitiveness