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News Releases 2008

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SC07 Cluster Challenge Showcases Accessible Computing Tools
ACM Opens Branch Office in China
USACM Fears Identity Theft Risks from National ID Plan Rules
ACM Groups Urge Actions to Broaden Web Accessibility
Communications January Issue Features Digital Edition to Enhance Usability
ACM Turing Award Honors Founders of Automatic Verification Technology
Researchers Created Model Checking Technique for Hardware and Software Designers
Young Researcher to Receive Grace Murray Hopper Award for Internet Performance Measurement
Internet Expert's Findings Advance Internet Efficiency and Reliability
ACM SIGCSE 2008 Computer Science Education Symposium
ACM Software System Award Honors Pioneers of Software Engineering Tool
Software System Award Cites Statemate, First Commercial Tool to Apply Innovative Visual Languages to Conquer Escalating Design Challenges
ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award Recognizes Leonidas Guibas for Algorithms Advancing CS Fields
Stanford Professor’s Ground-Breaking Research Shaped Computational Geometry Field
International Conference Features Leading Voices on Improving Human-Computer Interaction
CHI 2008 Probes How to Balance Art and Science in Computer-User Interfaces; First Time Design Theatre Creates Unique User Experience
Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award Honors Design Automation Expert
Walker Led Efforts to Increase Interaction among ACM Computing Communities
Distinguished Service Award Recognizes David Patterson for Initiatives that Advanced Computing Profession
Former ACM President Made Computing Better Understood and Respected Worldwide
Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy to Explore Technology Policy Issues
EUROSYS 2008 Explores Future Computer System Designs
ACM Committee on Women Honors Cryptographic Researcher with Athena Lecturer Award
Goldwasser Wins Athena Award for Research that Advanced Secure Internet Transactions
CHI 2008 Offers Hands-on Experience between People and Computers
Conference Features Interactive Demonstrations of Innovative Computer-User Interfaces
CHI 2008 Speakers Illuminate How People and Computers Interact
McAra-McWilliam and Buxton Merge Scientific Discipline with the Art of Design
SIGCHI Announces Best of CHI 2008 Award Winners
Conference Honors Research that Addresses Problems of Accessibility, Homelessness, Healthcare, Emerging Markets
Russian, US Universities Claim Top Spots at International Programming Contest
ACM President Cites Advantages of Preparing Students to Compete Globally
ACM Introduces Author Profiles, Citation Counts, Interactive Features to Its Digital Library
ACM, Infosys Foundation Announce Winner of New Award Honoring Contemporary Contributions in Computer Science
$150,000 Prize to Stanford’s Koller for Groundbreaking Work in Making Computers Intelligent
ACM Policy Committee Applauds New Guidelines for Voting Systems
USACM Cites Principles that Assure Secure, Accurate, Accessible Elections and Promote Voter Confidence
USACM Urges Congress to Build in Safeguards for Automated Employment Checks
Spafford’s Congressional Testimony Warns of Impact on Blameless Seeking Employment
WGBH and ACM to Launch Initiative to Reshape Image for Computing
NSF Funds Joint Effort to Overturn Inaccurate Stereotypes and Address Workforce Crisis
ACM Kanellakis Award Honors Innovator of Automated Tools for Mathematics
Bruno Buchberger Developed Algorithm Used in Computer Algebra to Solve Problems in Computer Science, Engineering, and Science
Eckert-Mauchly Award Lauds Patterson for Technolgies that Boost Computer Performance
UC Berkeley Professor Led Introduction of New Designs in Computer Architecture
CFP 08 Computer Security Experts Debate Political, Economic, Social Impacts of Tech Policy
Obama, McCain Campaign Representatives to Answer Questions on Top Tech Priorities for Next U.S. Administration
Cryptography Expert Wins ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award
Microsoft Researcher Honored for Advances in Privacy Protection for Information Retrieval
ACM Chooses Charles Babbage Institute to Archive Historical Records
Vast Collection of Materials Tracks ACM’s Impact on Development of Computing
ACM SIGACT Honors Research Team for Helping Computers Solve Practical Problems
Gödel Prize Awarded for Giant Leap Forward in Predicting the Performance of Optimization Tools on Real Data
ACM Elects New Leaders Committed to International Initiatives
Computing Society Officers Pledge to Expand International Programs and Increase Diversity
Lawler Award Goes to Digital Study Hall Team
Wang and Team Recognized for Using Community-Generated Video to Improve Education in India
ACM Education Policy Group Applauds Use of Computing Course to Meet Math Requirement
Achieve, Inc., Dana Center Develop List of Rigorous Fourth-Year Courses for High School Seniors
Communications of the ACM Launches New Editorial Scope, Format
Changes Reflect Need to Inform Today’s Dynamic Computing Community
ACM Issues Statement on Passing of Computing Pioneer Randy Pausch
Study in CACM August Issue Finds Wikipedia Faces No Limits to Growth
Although Wikipedia's Scope Is Increasing, Its Coverage Is Not Deteriorating
ACM Electronic Voting Expert Named to Key Federal Advisory Committee
Barbara Simons Fills Position for Technology Professionals
KDD-2008 Conference Goes Beyond Data
Data Mining Experts Explore Latest Advances in Social Networks, Medical Data Mining, Search Applications in Commerce
ACM SIGKDD Innovation Award Honors Yahoo!’s Ramakrishnan
Highest Technical Award Recognizes Pioneering Research in Data Mining
CACM Reports: Making Sense Of Data From Diverse Sources
September Issue Also Examines Ways to Improve World’s Education Standard
Grace Hopper Celebration, Largest Gathering of Women in Computing, Attracts Researchers, Industry Leaders
Conference Promotes Career Skills, Networking Opportunities and Celebrates Role of Women in Creating, Utilizing Technology
ACM Accepting Nominations for Awards Honoring Excellence in Computing, IT
Wide Range of Achievements Eligible for Prestigious Recognition and Rewards
ACM Visionaries to Address Women in Computing Conference
ACM President Wendy Hall and ACM Turing Award Winner Fran Allen among Speakers
OOPSLA Media Advisory - Software Conference Probes Programming Trends
ACM Chapter Celebrates 50 Years of Serving IT Community
C++ Programming Language Designer Bjarne Stroustrup to Keynote Event
ACM SIGAda Conference Marks 30 Years of Safety-Critical Software
ACM SIGACT 2008 Knuth Prize Recognizes Strassen for Contributions to Efficient Algorithm Design
Discoveries Apply to Cryptographic Methods that Make Data Secure
CACM Reports: Should the US Ban Paperless Electronic Voting Machines?
David Dill and Daniel Castro Debate How to Improve E-Voting Systems
ACM Experts: Heavy Voter Turnout Will Test Voter Registration Systems
Technology Leaders See Voter Registration Databases as Gatekeepers of Participation
ACM Experts See Opportunities and Risks for E-Voting
Technology Leaders Stress Need to Build Trust in Computer-Based Voting Systems
ACM Experts See Some Progress, but Reiterate Need to Improve US Election System Technology
Technology Leaders Urge Steps to Expand Use of Secure, Auditable Voting Systems to Build Trust in E-voting Infrastructure
SC08: Unleashing the Power of High Performance Computing
interactions Reports: On Innovation and Design for Technology
Current Issue Showcases Emerging Approaches to Research and Design that Benefit Business Innovation in a Challenging Economy
ACM College Interest Group Honors Contributions to IT Services on Campuses
ACM College Interest Group Honors Contributions to IT Services on Campuses
CACM Reports: Analyzing Online Social Networks
November Issue Remembers Computing Legend Jim Gray and His Research Contributions
ACM Expands International Initiatives with First Asian SIGGRAPH Conference
Conference Brings Together Highest Quality Technical Experts and Creative Professionals in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
ACM Introduces New Search Technology for Its Digital Library
New Class of Database Enables Users to Access and Analyze Data
New Report Outlines Extent of Problems with CS Teachers' Preparation
Lack of Teacher Education Negatively Affects Students, Threatens the Computing and Tech Fields
Two National Labs Win ACM Gordon Bell Prizes for High-Performance Computing Achievements
Oak Ridge Attains Fastest Performance of a Scientific Supercomputing Application; Berkeley Lab Recognized for Predicting Efficiency of Nanostructure Solar Cells for Energy
ACM Urges Obama to Include CS as Core Component of Science, Math Education
Statement Emphasizes Critical Role of Computer Science as 21st Century Skill
CACM Reports: Tools and Techniques to Survive the Data Deluge
December Issue Reports on New Web Searching Procedures and Mobile Phone Applications that are Bridging the Digital Divide
Computer Programmers Probe Latest Software Trends at OOPSLA
ACM SIGPLAN Conference to Examine Traditional and Unorthodox Programming Topics
ACM Experts See Opportunities and Risks for E-Voting
Technology Leaders Stress Need to Build Trust in Computer-Based Voting Systems
CACM Reports: Should the U.S. Ban Paperless Electronic Voting Machines
David Dill and Daniel Castro Debate How to Improve E-Voting Systems