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High-Performance Computing Breakthroughs Win ACM Gordon Bell Prizes
ACM President Presents Latest Semantic Web Applications for Digital Libraries, Electronic Publishers
Professor Dame Wendy Hall to Keynote London Online Information Conference
ACM's Statement on the White House STEM Education Announcement
ACM Names 47 Fellows for Innovations in Computing, Information Technology
Many Achievements Reflect Computational Thinking that Solves Complex Problems
First-Ever Computer Science Education Week Targets Issues in Teaching Computer Science
ACM Leads National Effort to Connect Importance of Computing to Need for Stronger Computer Science Education
CACM Reports: In Memory of Computing Pioneer Amir Pnueli
January Issue Reports on a Parallel Computation Debate, New Research in Automated Negotiators and Advances in Automated Translation of Indian Languages
ACM, IEEE-CS Honor Pioneer of Grid Computing
Francine Berman, First Kennedy Award Winner, Led Effort to Create National-Scale Cyberinfrastructure
Congress Endorses Computer Science Education as Driver of Innovation, Economic Growth
ACM and Partners Applaud "National Computer Science Education Week" to Advance Computing’s Role in Preparing Skilled Workers and Creating Career Opportunities
CACM Reports: Digital Fluency for a New Generation of Computer Programmers
November Issue Analyzes Challenges to Electronic Medical Records and Assesses Risks to Communications Surveillance
ACM Announces Initiative for Long-Term Preservation of Content in Its Digital Library
Partnerships with Expert Organizations Aimed at Supporting Academic and Corporate Library Partners in Safeguarding Scholarly Records
ACM Names 84 Distinguished Members for Advances in Computing Technology
2009 Nominations from Europe and Asia Increased, Reflecting Widening Scope of ACM Activities
ACM Partners with Federal Library Network to Facilitate Access to Digital Library
FEDLINK Includes More than 1,000 U.S. Government Member Libraries
CACM Reports: Finding the Fun in Computer Science Education
December Issue Reports on Efforts to Redesign CS Curriculum to Prepare Today’s Students and Effectively Integrate Computer Games to Attract More CS Students
ACM Names 44 Fellows for Contributions to Computing and IT
Many Innovations Made in Areas Critical to Global Competitiveness
ACM Salutes President Wendy Hall’s Appointment as DBE by Queen Elizabeth
Recognition of Her Contribution to the Field of Computing
ACM Expands History Committee to Accommodate New Initiatives
Babbage Institute’s Tom Misa Joins Committee; University of Utah’s Mary Hall Elevated to Chair
CACM Reports: How Information Systems Sustain Economic Relationships in the Developing World
January Issue Explores Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Adopting Information and Communications Technology
interactions Reports: Designing Products that Meet Social, Cultural Concerns to Succeed in Global Markets
Current Issue Also Highlights How Social Networks Change the Way We Connect and Communicate
ACM Names 37 Distinguished Members for Advances in Computing Technology
Recipients’ Contributions Drove Innovations in Science, Engineering, Business
ACM Urges Steps to Transform Government for a Web 2.0 World
Recommendations Aimed at Advancing Administration’s Directive on Transparency and Open Government
Computer Science Ranks High in UK Research Survey
ACM Says Survey Confirms Economic Benefits of Funding Research in Computing
ACM Policy Group Applauds Congressional Passage of Increased Investment in Research
USACM Says Innovations in Computing Drive Economic Growth and Competitiveness
Media Advisory - SIGCSE 2009
ACM Recognizes Women Leaders in Technology and Innovations to Digital Library
Eurosys 2009 Explores Future Computer System Designs
The Future of Computer-Human Interaction
Researchers, Practitioners, Educators and Students Gather to Explore How Digital Lives Create New Worlds
ACM Reintroduces Queue Website with Expanded Content on New Technologies
New Format Presents Unique Focus on Technical Challenges for Software Engineers
ACM, IEEE-CS Honor Processor Architect Who Bridged Industry-Academic Divide
Joel Emer Pioneered Quantitative Approach to Processor Performance Evaluation
Russian, Chinese Universities Claim Top Spots in ACM International Programming Competition
MIT, Carnegie Mellon Only U.S. Universities Ranked in Top 12; ACM President Cites Advantages of Preparing Students to Compete Globally
ACM, Infosys Foundation Cite Network Pioneer for Revolutionary Advances in Web Search Techniques
$150,000 Prize to Cornell’s Kleinberg for Contemporary Contributions in Computer Science
ACM Launches Communications Website to Extend Coverage of Emerging Computing Research, Trends
Flagship Publication Web Platform Captures Voice of Computing Community with Exclusive Content, Archived Articles, Expert Blogs, News and Opinion
CACM Reports: Balancing Security and Accessibility in Web Browsers
May Issue also Examines Changing Role of Software Developers
MEDIA ADVISORY: Bringing Innovative Computing Courses across the Digital Divide
Constantinos Daskalakis Wins ACM Award for Advances in Analyzing Behavior in Conflict Situations
His Research Results Characterize the Complexity of Interactions in Markets, Social Networks, and Online Systems
ACM SIGACT Honors Researchers' Contribution to Design of Robust Computer Networks
Awarded for Advances in Constructing and Applying Efficient Expander Graphs that Help Resolve Complex Computing Issues
CACM Reports: A Report Card on the One Laptop per Child Initiative
June Issue also Examines Role of Computer Science in Serving the Developing World
CFP-2009-Media Advisory.doc
ACM–WGBH Initiative Finds Large Gender Gap in Teens Interested in Computing as a Career
NSF-Funded Study Confirms Low Interest among Girls, but High Interest among College-bound African-American and Hispanic Teens
ACM Announces Advanced Web Analytics Software for Library Community
Scholarly iQ Partnership to Provide Easy Access to Usage Data, COUNTER Reports for Corporate and Academic Librarians
Intel’s Mukherjee Wins ACM Award for Advancing Reliability of Computer Architecture Design
Discoveries Enabled Cost-Effective Solutions to Soft Errors in Computer Systems
Computer Science Teachers Association Hosts CS&IT Symposium
CACM Reports: Fault Tolerance in the Age of the Internet
July Issue also Examines New Ways to Improve Security of Web-based Computing
ACM SIGGRAPH Announces Winners of New Award Honoring Achievement in Digital Art
Verostko and Hershman Leeson Cited for Using Computing to Create New Dimensions of Art
Computer Graphics Innovator Wins ACM SIGGRAPH Research Award
Adobe Scientist Cited for Research that Brings Computer Graphics beyond the Lab
Creator of Cloth Simulation Software Tapped for ACM SIGGRAPH Achievement Award
Kass Developed Algorithms to Enable Physical Simulation for Animation in Feature Films
ACM SIGGRAPH Honors Co-Creator of Renderman Software for Advances in Computer Graphics Imaging
Cook to Receive Highest Honor in Computer Graphics for Lifetime Contributions
CACM Reports: Improving Technology Interactions for Blind People
August Issue also Features Advice Evaluating Cloud Computing for Small and Mid-Size Business
ACM Computer Research Contest Showcases Student Innovations
Graduate, Undergraduate Finalists from U.S., Canada, Japan, India Poised to Enter High Tech Work Force
CACM Reports: How to Inspire, Recruit, and Retain Women for CS Careers
February Issue also Covers the Growing Web, Net Neutrality, and the First Internet President
ACM Fellow Ed Catmull Garners Oscar for Computer Graphics Leadership
ACM Turing Award Goes to Creator of Influential Innovations in Computer Software Design
MIT’s Liskov Pioneered the Standard for Modern Programming Language and Software Reliability
ACM Awards Recognize Innovators in Computer Science
Awards Honor Lifetime Achievers as Well as Outstanding Young Professionals
CACM Reports: The Changing Human Relationship with Computers
March Issue Examines Impact of User Evolution from Desktop Systems to Mobile Interfaces
interactions Reports: Who Can You Trust in the Digital Age?
Current Issue Examines Importance of Collaboration in Interface and Interaction Design
ACM Information Retrieval Group Honors Pioneer in Search Techniques
Microsoft’s Dumais Cited for Interfaces that Improved Information Retrieval
CACM Reports: Mining the Wisdom of Online Crowds
September Issue also Surveys Status of Solving P vs. NP, a Fundamental Computational Problem
ACM Statement Cites British Prime Minister Brown's Apology on Treatment of Alan Turing
ACM Communications Website Wins Best New Site Award
ACM Flagship Publication’s Web Platform Cited as One of Ten Great Media Web Sites
Computer Vision Technologist Named 2009 Macarthur Fellow
SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award Winner Tapped for “Genius” Grant
OOPSLA-09-Media Advisory.doc
CACM Reports: Building Parallel Computing to Sustain Performance Improvement
October Issue Features Conversation with David E. Shaw on Computer Science and Biochemistry Plus Analysis of Net Neutrality and Access to Web Content
ACM to Serve European Computing Community with World-Class Resources
ACM Europe to Honor Renowned European Computer Scientists at Launch Event
ACM Group Taps Visionary in Multimedia Research for Top Award
Lawrence A. Rowe Developed UC Berkeley’s Webcasting System
Cambridge University Professor Honored for Contributions to Computer Networking
Crowcroft Wins ACM SIGCOMM Award for Pioneering Contributions to Multimedia and Group Communications