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Cambridge University Professor Honored for Contributions to Computer Networking

Crowcroft Wins ACM SIGCOMM Award for Pioneering Contributions to Multimedia and Group Communications

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CAMBRIDGE, UK, August 11, 2009 -  For his pioneering contributions to multimedia and group communications, Jonathan Andrew Crowcroft has been awarded the highest honor from SIGCOMM, ACM's Special Interest Group on Data Communications.  Crowcroft, who is Marconi Professor Communications Systems at Cambridge University, UK, was cited for his creative, outside-the-box thinking that has spurred the community in novel directions.   He will receive the award and deliver the keynote address at the ACM SIGCOMM annual conference on August 18, in Barcelona, Spain. 

            In a career spanning three decades, Crowcroft has worked in the Internet research community since its inception.  He has contributed innovations in many areas of Internet research, most notably in multimedia and group communications. His research has inspired technologies that we take for granted today, including video and audio delivery as well as collaboration and conferencing tools over the Internet. He has also authored more than 100 publications across a variety of research areas in computer networking.            

            Crowcroft has mentored several students who have independently made impressive contributions to computer networking, and he has played a unique role in the creative and social fabric of the networking community.  His counterintuitive connections between different areas in science and art led to productive insights that he has shared freely to contribute to the intellectual milieu of the community. His service also includes a stint in the Internet Architecture Board, and as chair of SIGCOMM. 

            Among Crowcroft’s other roles is Principal Investigator in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory for the European Union (EU) Haggle project,  a new autonomic networking architecture designed to enable communication in the presence of intermittent network connectivity.  He is also a leading participant in the EU Socialnets (Social Networking for pervasive adaptation) project, which harnesses adaptive human social structures for wireless networks.   Other projects include the EPSRC TINA (The INTelligent Airport) project on location sensors and wireless networking of airports, and the ITA (International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Science) project in next generation wireless networks.

      Crowcroft is a Fellow of ACM, IEEE, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IET, the British Computer Society, and Wolfson College, Cambridge.  A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, he holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University College London, England, UK. 



The ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM) provides a forum for computing professionals in the vital field of data communication. It focuses on network architecture, network protocols, distributed systems and publications. SIGCOMM co-sponsors the ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking, a quarterly journal, with the IEEE. SIGCOMM also co-sponsors world-class conferences and publishes the quarterly newsletter Computer Communication Review (CCR), which includes SIGCOMM's annual conference proceedings.

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