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acmqueue Launches New Online Programming Challenge

Competition Open to All; Participants Get to Play Game of "Icy Projectile Challenge"

Contact: Virginia Gold

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NEW YORK, NY - For Release January 13, 2011 


WHAT:  2011 acmqueue ICPC Challenge

  •     Follows rules used in ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC)
  •     Visual, interactive, competitive programming contest based on 2010 ACM ICPC Challenge
  •     2011 acmqueue ICPC Challenge problem features a game called Icy Projectile Challenge
  •     Participants code “players” in C++, C#, Java or Python to compete against other programmers
  •     Participants have one month to develop their players, and can compete against preliminary players
  •     Nightly updates of preliminary standings will indicate level of success
  •     Register for a free ACM Web account if you do not already have one at or sign in if you do have one at and submit your files (source code only, no executables)


WHEN:   Competition opened January 10 – Deadline is midnight Greenwich Mean Time on February 13, 2011.  No entries will be counted after that date. Results will be posted shortly after deadline.


WHERE:   Online at


WHO:      Open to acmqueue readers worldwide


ABOUT: The game of Icy Projectile Challenge is played on a field where a red and a blue player compete on a snow-covered 31x31 field.  Each player controls a group of children who can pick up the snow, move it around, make snowballs, hurl them at each other, and stack snowballs to form snowmen.  Players earn points by placing snowmen strategically, and by hitting their opponents with snowballs.  The game rules at describe how to control your team, score points, and win.  A double elimination tournament follows the coding phase, to determine the top four places. Finals standings and all matches can be viewed at


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