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USACM Statement on "Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy" Green Paper

For Immediate Release
August 3, 2011


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USACM Statement on the Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force’s "Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy" Green Paper

Below is a statement from Stuart S. Shapiro, Chair of the USACM Security and Privacy Committee and Principal Information Privacy and Security Engineer at the MITRE Corporation, on the comments USACM submitted to the US Department of Commerce on their draft green paper.

“USACM welcomes the attention that the Department of Commerce and the Internet Policy Task Force have placed on cybersecurity, especially as part of a larger policy effort that includes online privacy. Too often, security and privacy are placed in opposition to each other when they should be viewed as complementary concerns that can support each other.  USACM believes that going forward the Department’s actions on security and privacy should work together rather than separately.

“Trust is paramount in maintaining the relationships that define the operation of the Internet and Information Innovation Sector (I3S).  Effective privacy practices and policies can assist in fostering the trust that will help address cybersecurity threats. 

“An ongoing challenge will be balancing business goals with potential risks—personal consumer information loss, site defacement and malware infestation, among others—posed by the very transactions that build up trust over time.

“Federal policy should aim to increase software developer accountability for the products they produce and market, so that businesses are not forced to choose between innovation and market share and security. 

“USACM advocates more attention to comprehensive web security and web application standards, and reasonably constrained data retention policies and practices. These will be vital as more businesses place data within cloud computing environments to quickly implement innovative business processes as well as to minimize infrastructure and security costs.

“USACM also supports increased research in web application and services security that seeks, among other things, new approaches to accommodate increased wireless access via mobile devices.

“Security education is critical for both businesses and customers to strengthen cybersecurity within the I3S. USACM favors the development and use of practical resources and processes to secure businesses’ web applications and services, as well as making usable guidance available to consumers to help them become more security conscious.”


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