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USACM Urges Deficit Reduction Committee to Consider Importance of Investments in Technology

Innovations Fueld by Computing Indirectly Produce Jobs

The Association for Computing Machinery
Advancing Computing as a Science & Profession

Contact: Virginia Gold

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ACM US Public Policy Council

For Immediate Release
November 21, 2011

USACM Statement on Letter Submitted to the
 Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction 

Below is a statement from Eugene Spafford, USACM Chair. Copy of full letter here:

“To continue providing technical leadership, economic opportunity and strong defense, we must have a stronger fiscal policy as well as a healthy climate for innovation. As the Super Committee seeks to address the challenges of deficit reduction, it must consider the importance of investments in science, technology and innovation. Information technology and computing have been critical to American economic prosperity over the last 50 years. Maintaining—and enhancing—U.S. capabilities in these fields will be critical in the nation’s economic recovery, as well as in our national security and safety.

“Much of the innovation in the field of information technology can be traced back to federal support for the sciences, and improving our technological and scientific capacity for innovation is critical to encouraging economic growth and improving our economic outlook. Supporting federal science and technology research, as well as education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines—including computing—are activities that have been repeatedly proven to support long-term economic prosperity. With other countries aggressively pursuing continued investments in science and technology research and education, now is not the time to target those areas for reductions.

“Computing opens near-limitless opportunities for students and is driving economic recovery and growth, and societal change. The technologies that are fundamental to our nation's economy, defense and domestic services all depend on the field of computer science for future refinements and innovations. The field also needs well-educated people. Despite the extraordinary economic challenges facing the country, the outlook for computer science jobs remains strong.  Furthermore, the innovations fueled by computing indirectly produce many more jobs. As the Super Committee works to improve the economic future of our country, it must ensure that these interests are not injured by its choices.” 


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