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ACM Health Informatics Conference Highlights Novel Contributions to Healthcare
International Forum Investigates Social and Ethical Implications of Computer-Oriented Health Information
CACM Reports: Technologies that Let the Voice of the People Be Heard
February Issue Reports on E-Democracy, Extending ACM's Presence in Europe, and What's Wrong With the Internet
ACM CEO John White Congratulates Students on Invitation to White House Science Fair
Emphasizes Importance of Computer Science Education
CACM Reports: The Enduring Power of Turing's Intelligent Machines
March Issue Reports on New Approaches to Cybersecurity, the Wisdom of Crowds for Problem-Solving, and Next-Generation GPS Navigation Systems
USACM, ACM SIGCHI Issue Statement on Accessibility
Comments Address Draft Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Standards and Guidelines
Judea Pearl Wins ACM A.M. Turing Award for Contributions that Transformed Artificial Intelligence
Developed Novel Framework for Reasoning under Uncertainty that Changed How Scientists Approach Real World Problems
CACM Reports: How Artificial Intelligence Can Put the "Smarts" in the Smart Grid
April Issue Reports on Preserving Digital Data, Technology that Enables Talking Machines, and the Status of Agile Software Development
ACM-Infosys Foundation Award Goes to Architect of New Approaches for Hard-to-Solve Computational Problems
Princeton Computer Scientist Sanjeev Arora Honored for Breakthroughs that Have Advanced the Power of Computing
ACM Council on Women Honors Leader in Reliability of Computer Systems
MIT's Lynch Named "Athena Lecturer" for Advances in Distributed Systems that Enable Dependable Internet and Wireless Network Applications
CACM Reports: Computational Tools for Mapping Proteins to Analyze the Human Cell
May Issue Reports on Open Access vs. Fair Access, Twitter's Impact on the Egyptian Revolution, and Programming the "Global Brain"
ACM Honors Computing Innovators for Advances in Research, Education, and Industry
Award Winners Recognized for Breakthroughs in Web Security, Education, Data Structures, Computer Security, Software Development Tools
ACM Recognizes Leaders Who Shaped Future for Computer and Engineering Professionals, Educators, Policymakers
Doctoral Dissertation Award Honors Innovator of Scientific Discovery through Video Games
ACM Director of Public Policy Named to STEM Education Caucus Steering Committee
Cameron Wilson will help strengthen computer science education for the next generation workforce
ACM SIGACT Presents Gödel Prize for Research that Illuminated Effects of Selfish Internet Use
Three Papers Cited for Laying Foundation of Growth in Algorithmic Game Theory
ACM, CSTA Issue Statement on Next Generation Science Standards Draft
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Innovator of Dependability of Critical Computer Systems
UCLA's Avižienis Pioneered the Field of Fault-Tolerant Computers Used in Space Exploration
ACM Turing Award Laureates to Join Forum that Strengthens Foundations of Technology
World's Largest Computing Society Unites with Leading Mathematical Societies to Bring Young Researchers Together with Winners of Highest Scientific Awards
Russian, Polish Universities Take Top Spots in ACM ICPC Programming Contest
ACM President Hails International Diversity of Student Contestants and Ability of Computer Science Disciplines to Solve Global Problems
ACM Elects Vint Cerf as President
New Officers Pledge to Leverage Online Environment and Expand International Initiatives
CACM Reports: How Turing Award Winner Judea Pearl Changed the Game for Artificial Intelligence
June Issue Reports on Mining Medical Data, the Online Piracy Controversy, and Why Rumors Spread Quickly on Social Media
ACM Turing Centenary Celebrates Technology Giants of Digital Age
ACM Turing Award Winners Assess How Computing Will Shape the Next Century
Technology Giants Celebrate Alan Turing—the Man, the Scientist, and the Visionary
CACM Reports: Using Computation to Study Cultural Development and Change
July Issue Reports on the Rise of Predatory Scholarly Publishing, Behavioral Programming, and Google's Hybrid Approach to Research
ACM Journal Articles Now Available from the British Library
ACM Groups Honor Innovators Who Transformed Parallel Computing
Herlihy, Moss, Shavit, and Touitou to Receive Dijkstra Prize for Introducing Transactional Memory
Communications of the ACM Goes Mobile
iPhone, iPad and Android Apps Offer New Way to Access Current and Archived CACM
CACM Reports: Carrying and Spending Money Without a Trace
August Issue Reports on High Performance Computing's New Era, Uneven Patterns of Internet Economics, and Location Privacy in the Cellular Age
ACM SIGIR Honors Leader in Information Retrieval Who Influenced Theory and Practice
Germany’s Fuhr Laid Foundations for Searches that Use Query Logs
ACM SIGACT, IEEE-CS Award Knuth Prize to Co-Discoverer of NP-Completeness
Boston University’s Levin Cited for Innovations in Computational Complexity and Cryptography
CACM Reports: How to Assure Successful Cloud Computing
September Issue Reports on Open-Access Mandates for Research, the Path of Silicon Chips Into 3D, Finding and Fixing Buggy Software, and Conversations with ACM Turing Award Winners
ACM Inroads Reports: The Value Proposition of Distance Education in Computing Programs
September Issue Reports on Growing Demands for Parallel-Programming Skills, the Role of Practical Projects in IS Courses, and How to Broaden Participation in Computer Science
CACM Reports: Solving Global Challenges with Social Computation
September Issue Reports on the Meaning of Science in Computer Science, the Pros and Cons of Internet Voting, the Tyranny of the Clock in Digital Designs, and Reflections on the Facebook IPO
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Programming Languages Researcher
Ken Kennedy Award Recipient Mary Lou Soffa Developed Tools for Diagnosing Software Faults
Key Experts Assess Challenges of Safety-Critical Software at ACM SIGAda Conference
CACM Reports: The New Generation of Bio-Inspired "Soft" Robotics
October Issue Reports on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS), Applications for the GameDay Concept in Web Operations, Predictions on Oracle vs. Google, and Improving Accessibility
CACM Reports: Moving Beyond the Turing Test in Artificial Intelligence
December Issue Reports on Alan Turing up Close and Personal; Challenges Facing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS); IT Innovation Models for Emerging Markets; and Improving Streaming Video
Computer Science Education Week 2012 Highlights How Computer Science Fuels the Future
ACM Fellows Named for Computing Innovations that Advance Technologies in Information Age
2012 Fellows Hail from World’s Leading Universities and Corporations
ACM Recognizes Distinguished Members for Computing Advances that Sustain Competitiveness
2012 Recipients Embody the Rewards of Participation in the Computing Community
CACM Reports: Tracking Cell Phone Data to Study Human Mobility
January Issue Reports on the Expanding Definition of Robots, Improving Computer Leakage Resilience, Similarities of Condos and Clouds, and Computer Security for In-Home Technology