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ACM to Publish e-Books on Cutting-Edge Computing Research
ACM, Morgan & Claypool to Launch Innovative Books Series that Expands Access to Latest Computing Trends
CACM Reports: Building Responsive Large-Scale Web Services
February Issue Reports on Symbolic Execution for Software Testing, Promoting Better Passwords, Cloud Service Certification, and Reflections on MOOCs
ACM President Vint Cerf to Headline 2013 Tapia Conference on Expanding Diversity in Computing
Cerf Addresses Need to Preserve Digital Information for the Next Century
USACM Welcomes Steps to Address Cybersecurity Issues
CACM Reports: Mobilizing Robot Teams for Urban Search Missions
March Issue Reports on Consequences of Boycotting Scholarly Publishers, Decoding Dementia, What If Guns Were Digital, and the True Costs of Cybercrime
SIGCSE 2013 Media Advisory
Goldwasser, Micali Receive ACM Turing Award for Advances in Cryptography
MIT Researchers' Innovations Became Gold Standard for Enabling Secure Internet Transactions
ACM, Infosys Foundation Honor Google Developers for Innovations that Boost Online Search Capabilities
Dean and Ghemawat Created Software Systems that Enable Cloud Computing
ACM Council on Women Honors World Leader in High Performance Computing
Berkeley Lab's Yelick Named "Athena Lecturer" for Contributions to Parallel Programming Languages that Improve Programmer Productivity
CACM Reports: Analyzing Opinion on Social Networks in Real Time
April Issue Reports on New Business Models for Digital Publishing, Why Computer Talents Become Hackers, the Dangers of Hands-Free Cellphones, and Measuring Website Performance
ACM Expands Options for Free Access to Content of ACM Publications
New Policy Empowers Authors to Manage Rights and Increases Access to Computing Literature
ACM Awards Knuth Prize to Creator of Problem-Solving Theory and Algorithms
Carnegie Mellon's Miller Cited as Pioneer in Theoretical Computer Science
ACM Honors Computing Innovators
Award Winners Made Breakthroughs in Network Efficiency, Data Mining, Education, Game Theory, Programming, and Community Problem-Solving
USACM Issues Statement on Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)
USACM Statement on Letter Submitted to the House Intelligence Committee
ACM Names International Computing Visionaries for Advances in Research and Education
Contributions Include Revamping ACM's Computing Taxonomy and Increasing Global Visibility
ECRC 2013 Media Advisory
First European Computing Research Congress, May 2-4
CACM Reports: Adapting Robotics for Operating Rooms
May Issue Reports on Discrimination in Online Ad Delivery, the Limitations of a Friction-Free World, the Other British Computing Pioneer, and the Renaissance in Computing
Gollakota Wins ACM Award for Converting Wireless Interference into a Beneficial Phenomenon in Practice
MIT Doctoral Candidate Designed First WiFi Receivers that Reconstruct Transmitted Information to Improve Performance and Security
CACM Reports: Cracking the Code with ACM Turing Award Recipients
June Issue Reports on Honoring our Best, the Focus of Wearable Computers, the Startling Advances of Deep Learning, and Why the Internet a Not a Critical Infrastructure
ACM Group Presents Gödel Prize for Advances in Cryptography
Three Computer Scientists Cited for Innovations that Improve Security
MobiSys 2013 Media Advisory
ACM Policy Council Offers Technology Assistance to Presidential Commission on Election Administration
USACM Cites Technology Requirements Critical to Modern Voting Systems
CACM Reports: Computing's Critical Role in Controlling Epidemics
July Issue Reports on Technological Unemployment, Weighing Certification for Software Engineers, Cake Cutting Algorithms, and 3D Printing Pros and Cons
Russian, Chinese, Japanese Universities Take Top Spots in ACM ICPC Programming Contest
ACM President Vint Cerf Cites Importance of Computing Skills in the Global Economy
ACM Partners with to Expand K-12 Computer Science Education
Goal Is to Accelerate Growth of Skilled Workforce for a Global Economy
CACM Reports: Building Biologically Inspired Robots
August Issue Reports on Money Models for MOOCs, Building Web Apps for Mobile Devices, Security Strategies for Critical Systems
CACM Reports: Turning User Discomfort into Memorable Reactions
September Issue Reports on Turbocharging CS Education, Avoiding Obstacles to Scalability
ACM Turing Award Laureates to Meet with Young Scientists at First Forum for Computing and Math Luminaries
Heidelberg Conference Aimed at Strengthening Foundations of Technology
ACM Report Confirms Growth in Graduates with Computing Skills to Meet Rising Workforce Demands
New Study Captures Programs that Generate Majority of Graduates with Computing/IT Skills
CACM Reports: Automated Trading Is the New Marketplace
October 2013 Issue Reports on Implementing the Argument Web, Tips for Successful Startups, and a Blueprint for Building a Quantum Computer
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor Pioneering Innovator for HPC Advances
Dongarra to Receive Ken Kennedy Award for Software Technologies that Power Supercomputers to Tackle Big Scientific Problems
ACM Joins Call for "Hour Of Code" to Underscore Critical Role of Computing in All Careers Initiative Aimed at Inspiring 10 Million Students to Learn to Code
ACM Conference Features Expanded Focus on High Integrity Language Technology
Edmund Clark, Jeannette Wing Join Experts Assessing Challenges of Safety-Critical Software
CACM Reports: Mobile Apps Offer Improved Care for Dementia Patients
November 2013 Issue Reports on Merging Software’s Art and Science, Challenges to Algorithmic Trading, and Contemplating the End of the American Network
SC13 Features Emerging Technologies and Real World Applications for High Performance Computing
Conference Speakers Include Successful Women Innovators in Computing Technology
ACM Honors Distinguished Computer Scientists, Engineers and Educators for Innovations
2013 Members Selected for Individual Achievements and Contributions to International Computing Community
Record-Shattering Supercomputing Performance Wins ACM Gordon Bell Prize at SC13
Fluid Dynamics Simulation Holds Potential Advances for Industrial and Healthcare Technology
ACM Urges Students to Participate in "Hour of Code" to Reach 10 Million Goal During CSEdWeek Views Computer Science as Foundation for Virtually Any Career
CACM Reports: Big Data's Promises for Humans and Computers
December 2013 Issue Reports on Making the Web Faster; Alternatives to MOOCs; and Breakthroughs in Photography and Computational Optics
ACM Names Fellows for Computing Advances that Are Transforming Science and Society
2013 Fellows Hail from World's Leading Universities and Corporations
ACM Seeks Young Researchers to Join Computing and Math Laureates at Heidelberg Forum
International Event Offers Unique Opportunity to Share Ideas with Legends of Innovation