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ACM Expands Options for Free Access to Content of ACM Publications

New Policy Empowers Authors to Manage Rights and Increases Access to Computing Literature

The Association for Computing Machinery
Advancing Computing as a Science & Profession

Contact: Virginia Gold

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NEW YORK – April 2, 2013 – ACM is introducing several policy changes that will increase access to its journals and conference proceedings.  The changes are intended to better balance the needs of authors and researchers in the computing community, many of whom have expressed a desire for expanded rights and open access options to ACM publications from its Digital Library (DL). The publishing policy changes not only expand author rights but provide greater levels of flexibility in the transition to open access.

"These changes are based on ACM's core values of fair pricing at the low end of the spectrum, and the strong belief that the computing community should have the widest possible access to the scholarly computing literature," said John White, ACM CEO and Executive Director. "They also allow for preservation of the digital archive of computing literature for future generations."

Under the options now available, authors who prefer to have ACM manage the rights and permissions associated with their work can continue to use the traditional ACM Copyright Transfer Agreement.

Authors who want to retain copyright of their work can choose an equivalent exclusive licensing agreement developed by ACM.  It grants certain publication and distribution rights to ACM but allows authors to retain the core intellectual property rights that are important to many authors.

Authors can also select an author-pays option that enables them to retain all rights to their work and allows them to make it openly accessible in perpetuity via the ACM DL.

In addition, the new publishing policy enables open access to the most current proceedings volume of ACM Special Interest Group (SIG) conferences at the option of their sponsoring SIG.  SIGs may also make their conference proceedings freely available via the ACM DL platform for up to two weeks before the event and for a total of one month.  Intended to facilitate easy access to the proceedings by conference attendees, these changes will also enable the computing community to learn about the latest technology developments presented at conferences during the time of the event.

For more information, see the ACM authors webpage.

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