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CACM Reports: Performing Surgery with Touchless Technology
January 2014 Issue Reports on Failing to Scale Research Conferences; Ballmer's Legacy at Microsoft; and Tales of a Software Architect Caught in the Inferno
ACM Launches New E-Books Series Covering Entire Spectrum of Computer Science Topics
Editor-In-Chief Tamer Ӧzsu Leads Distinguished Editorial Board for Books Series Featuring High-Quality, Contemporary Computing Research
ACM, IEEE-CS Launch Innovative Computer Science Curriculum
New Approach Redefines Essential Computing Topics; Report Includes Examples of Flexible Courses and Curricula Models
USACM Statement on Presidential Commission on Election Administration Recommendations to President Obama
CACM Reports: How Software Redundancy Helped Deliver Curiosity to the Surface of Mars
February 2014 Issue Reports on Relying on Ready Technologies; How Computers Enhance Math Research; and Timing Analysis for Hard Real-Time Systems
CACM Reports: Hiding Data in Plain Sight in the Digital Age
March 2014 Issue Reports on Brain-Decoding Algorithms; How to Build a Bad Research Center; and Big-Data Applications in the Government Sector
ACM Urges States to Expand Computer Science Education to Prepare K-12 Students
New Report Presents Recommendations and Initiatives to Address CS Education Challenges
ACM Turing Award Goes to Pioneer Who Advanced Reliability and Consistency of Computing Systems
Microsoft's Lamport Contributed to Theory and Practice of Building Distributed Computing Systems that Work
CACM Reports: Security and Privacy in Augmented Reality
April 2014 Issue Reports on MOOC Student Behaviors; the Power of Small Data; Personalized Cancer Treatments
ACM, Infosys Foundation Honor Leader in Machine Learning
David Blei Developed Powerful Modeling Techniques to Speed Information Retrieval from Large Data Collections
ACM Council on Women Hails Innovator in Information Retrieval
Microsoft Research's Susan Dumais Changed the Way People Search for Information
ACM Honors Computing Innovators Who Are Changing the World
Award Winners Made Advances in Object Recognition, Parallel Computing, CS Education and Software Verification
ACM Honors International Leaders Who Helped Advance Computer Science in the Digital Age
Recipients Contributed to Research Dissemination, ACM Infrastructure, and Curriculum Changes
CACM Reports: Stopping Snowden with Better Security
May 2014 Issue Reports on the End of Moore’s Law; the Future of Bitcoin; How Computers Are Changing Biology; and Cloud Security
ACM Group Presents Gödel Prize for Designing Innovative Algorithms
Recipients Achieved Groundbreaking Results for Aggregating Data from Multiple Sources
USACM Statement on the White House Report on Its Review of Big Data
Innovator of Breakthrough Cryptography Technology Wins ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award
Garg Developed Technique to Protect Against Cyberattacks
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Tap Computer Architecture Innovator for Eckert-Mauchly Award
Michigan's Trevor Mudge Developed Advances that Lower Power Consumption of Processors
New ACM Officers Elected to Lead amid Digital Changes Facing Computing Community
Elected Leaders Stress Innovation and Diversity to Sustain ACM's Unique Impact
CACM Reports: How ACM Turing Award Winner Lamport Brought Order to Chaos
June 2014 Issue Reports on Coping with Transformational Computing Technology; the Failure of "Mostly Functional" Programming; and the Power of Social Media Analytics
CACM Reports: Your Phone as a Quake Detector
July 2014 Issue Reports on Realizing the Benefits of Big Data; Building Trust for Internet Services; and the Need for Responsible Programming
Four Russian Universities among Top 10 Spots in ACM International Programming Contest
ACM Salutes International Students for Solving Tomorrow's Problems with Critical Computing Skills
CACM Reports: Reshaping Terrorist Networks with Novel Algorithms
August 2014 Issue Reports on Progress on Maximum Flow Algorithms; Specialized Software Engineering Degrees; and Pragmatism for Intellectual Property
USACM Recommends Technologies to Protect Personal Interactions with Big Data Collectors
Comments to NTIA Urge Innovation and Research to Assure Consumer Privacy and Data Security
CACM Reports: Creating "Face Movies" from Still Photos
September 2014 Issue Reports on How to Prevent Online Deception in Social Media; Securing the Tangled Web; and Changes in Weather Forecasting
Mobicom '14: The New Generation of Mobile Computing Researchers
ACM SIGMOBILE Conference Program Ranges from Deep Research to Budding Startups
ACM Report Confirms Continuing Growth in Graduates with Advanced Computing Degrees
Follow-up Study Captures Programs that Generate Majority of Graduates with Computing/IT Skills to Meet Rising Workforce Demand
ACM Awards Knuth Prize to Pioneer for Advances in Algorithms and Complexity Theory
Georgia Tech's Lipton Cited for Introduction of New Ideas and Techniques
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Recognize Charles E. Leiserson for Advances in Parallel Computing Systems
MIT Professor Developed Cilk Multithreaded Programming Technology
SIAM, ACM Honor Software Developers for Large-Scale Scientific Computing Toolkit
Prize is awarded to recognize contributions to mathematical and computational tools and methods
CACM Reports: Reading News with Maps
October 2014 Issue Reports on How Certificate Transparency Prevents Security Breaches; Adapting to New Technologies in Higher Education; and Rethinking How We Compute
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Announce George Michael HPC Fellowship Recipients
USACM Statement on Technology’s Critical Role in Securing Modern Voting Systems
CACM Reports: Getting Computers to Describe What They See
November 2014 Issue Reports on Educating Product Managers; Benefits of Diversity for Innovation; and Keeping Online Reviews Honest
ACM's Turing Award Prize Raised to $1 Million
Google to Provide All Funding for Most Prestigious Award in Computing
ACM's Distinguished Computer Scientists, Engineers and Educators Cited for Global Reach, Real-World Impact
2014 Members Recognized for Contributions to Hardware, Software and Communications
CACM Reports: Modeling Human Emotion with Computers
December 2014 Issue Reports on the Growing Flexibility of Smart Homes; Embracing the Hacker Way; and the Unstoppable Force of Software
CACM Reports: New Computing Technologies Speed Biological Systems Research
January 2015 Issue Reports on the Internet's Adverse Effect on Cognition; the Rise and Fall of Industry Research Labs; How to Protect Systems and Data; and Designing Smart Transportation Networks