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2011 News Release Archive
CACM Reports: The Promise and Problems of Artificial Intelligence
January Issue Reports on the Legacy of AI Founder John McCarthy, AI’s Impact on Jobs, Celebrating the Turing Centennial, and Better Medicine Through Machine Learning
acm Queue Launches Online Programming Challenge
Competition Open to All; Participants Get to Play Game of "Coercion"
ACM Names 54 Distinguished Members for Contributions to Computing
2011 Recipients Hail from Leading International Universities and Industries
ACM Names Fellows for Computing Advances that Are Driving Innovation
2011 Fellows Represent World's Leading Universities and Corporations
Computer Science Education Week Spotlights Local Efforts to Ensure Strong Workforce
Urges Public to Raise Awareness of Need for Quality Computer Science Education at K-12 Levels
Computer Science Education Week Highlights Role of CS in Driving Innovation
Urges Parents, Teachers to Raise Awareness of Computing through Local Actions
USACM Urges Deficit Reduction Committee to Consider Importance of Investments in Technology
Innovations Fueld by Computing Indirectly Produce Jobs
CACM Reports: Training Computers to Analyze Crowd Behavior from Video
December Issue Reports on Legacy of Steve Jobs, Expanding Reach of Computer Science Education Week, and Today's Social Media Activists
ACM Group Names Pioneer in Visual Information Retrieval for Top Technical Award
Columbia University's Chang Developed First Image/Video Search Engines
CACM Reports: Nanonetworks Offer New Frontier in Communications
November Issue Reports on the Future of Moore’s Law, Software Liability Limits, Future Trends in Search Interfaces, and Java Security Architecture
ACM Group Honors Computer Privacy and Security Experts
ACM, USACM Statements on Draft Strategic Plan for National Cybersecurity Education Initiative
ACM, IEEE Computer Society Honor UC Berkeley Professor for Software Development Tools
Kennedy Award Recipient Susan Graham Developed Widely Used Computer Profiling Tool
Senator, Congressman Introduce Measure to Address Crisis in K-12 Computer Science Education
Computer Science Education Act key legislative initiative
ACM Expert Cites Crisis in K-12 Computer Science Education as Threat to Robust IT Workforce
Schnabel recommends steps for NITRD to address education and workforce issues
Berkeley Researcher Wins ACM SIGCOMM Award for Internet Advances
Paxson Honored for Security Contributions to Computer Networking
USACM Statement on "Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy" Green Paper
ACM Urges Inclusion of Computer Science in K12 Core Curriculum
ACM Statement on Significance of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 Competition
Below is a statement from ACM CEO John R. White on the importance of computing competitions in advance of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 Finals Results to be announced July 13.
ACM SIGGRAPH Announces Winner of Digital Art Lifetime Achievement Award
Ohio State’s Csuri Saw Aesthetic Potential of Computer Imaging