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USACM Press Releases

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usacm press releases
USACM Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act
USACM Statement on Technology’s Critical Role in Securing Modern Voting Systems
USACM Recommends Technologies to Protect Personal Interactions with Big Data Collectors
Comments to NTIA Urge Innovation and Research to Assure Consumer Privacy and Data Security
USACM Statement on the White House Report on Its Review of Big Data
ACM Policy Council Offers Technology Assistance to Presidential Commission on Election Administration
USACM Cites Technology Requirements Critical to Modern Voting Systems
USACM Issues Statement on Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)
USACM Statement on Letter Submitted to the House Intelligence Committee
USACM Welcomes Steps to Address Cybersecurity Issues
USACM Statement on White House Executive Order to Reduce Number of .gov Websites
Media Advisory: ACM to Hold Media Availability on Cybersecurity Issues
John White's Statement on Draft Common Core Standards for Mathematics
Congress Endorses Computer Science Education as Driver of Innovation, Economic Growth
ACM and Partners Applaud "National Computer Science Education Week" to Advance Computing’s Role in Preparing Skilled Workers and Creating Career Opportunities
ACM Policy Group Applauds Congressional Passage of Increased Investment in Research
USACM Says Innovations in Computing Drive Economic Growth and Competitiveness
ACM Urges Steps to Transform Government for a Web 2.0 World
Recommendations Aimed at Advancing Administration’s Directive on Transparency and Open Government
ACM Urges Obama to Include CS as Core Component of Science, Math Education
Statement Emphasizes Critical Role of Computer Science as 21st Century Skill
ACM Experts See Some Progress, but Reiterate Need to Improve US Election System Technology
Technology Leaders Urge Steps to Expand Use of Secure, Auditable Voting Systems to Build Trust in E-voting Infrastructure
ACM Experts: Heavy Voter Turnout Will Test Voter Registration Systems
Technology Leaders See Voter Registration Databases as Gatekeepers of Participation
ACM Experts See Opportunities and Risks for E-Voting
Technology Leaders Stress Need to Build Trust in Computer-Based Voting Systems
ACM Electronic Voting Expert Named to Key Federal Advisory Committee
Barbara Simons Fills Position for Technology Professionals
USACM Urges Congress to Build in Safeguards for Automated Employment Checks
Spafford’s Congressional Testimony Warns of Impact on Blameless Seeking Employment
ACM Policy Committee Applauds New Guidelines for Voting Systems
USACM Cites Principles that Assure Secure, Accurate, Accessible Elections and Promote Voter Confidence