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Publications HQ Staff Contacts
ACM Office of Publications Headquarters Staff

Bernard Rous, Director of Publications
Scott Delman, Director of Group Publishing and Digital Library Sales

Laura Lander, Journals Manager
Craig Rodkin, Publications Operations Manager
Deborah Cotton, Copyright, Permission Coordinator
Emily Eng, Administrative Assistant

Group Publishing
Diane Crawford, Deputy Director Magazine Development/Executive Editor, Communications of the ACM
Lynn D'Addesio-Kraus, Production Manager, CACM
Andrew Rosenbloom, Senior Editor
Lawrence Fisher, Senior Editor/News
Denise Doig, Senior Editor, ACM Magazines
Tom Lambert, Managing Editor
John Stanik, Managing Editor
David Roman, Web Editor
Jennifer Ruzicka, Advertising Sales Coordinator

Digital Library Sales
Josh Horowitz, Digital Library Sales Manager
Nolen Harris, Digital Library Account Manager
Faith Su, Digital Library Administrative & Customer Support Assistant
Juliet Chance, Administrative Assistant