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DL End-user Policy

Users of the ACM Digital Library are asked to abide by the ACM Copyright Policy, paying particular attention to the permissions statement.

You may make digital or hard copies of the individual articles that you are entitled to access for personal or classroom use, as long as the copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and they bear the ACM copyright notice. You may assemble and distribute links that point to works in the ACM Digital Library.

Do not republish these ACM works, or post them on other servers, or redistribute them to lists, without first getting explicit permission from ACM. Contact Please do not abuse your access rights to the ACM Digital Library by wholesale duplication of all or substantial sections of the ACM Digital Library.

Do not use robots or intelligent agents: they degrade the performance of the system for everyone, and are not a proper use of the ACM Portal. ACM reserves the right to suspend, or even cancel your subscription, if systematic downloading is discovered. ACM also reserves the right to block access to the Portal for IP addresses from where such activities are found to be originating.