2017 ACM Master Article Template

Current ACM Article Template - December 19, 2016

The official 2017 ACM Master article template, consolidates 8 individual ACM journal and ACM Proceedings. The master template is now available in the following formats*:

  •         LATEX
  •         Word (Windows version)
  •         Word (Mac 2011 - Toolbar support)

     *Mac 2016 Word version ( Ribbon support) of the template will be available shortly

Before using the 2017 ACM consolidated article template, everyone should read the TeX User Guide which comprises the first section of the document; authors who plan to use their own packages should read the longer Implementation Guide which follows. Authors using Word for Windows, will need to read the Windows User Guide ; Word for Mac 2011 will need to read the Mac2011 User Guide.

This new consolidated template package replaces all previous independent class files and packages and provides a single up-to-date LATEX package with optional calls. The package uses only free TEX packages and fonts included in TEXLive, MikTEX and other popular TEX distributions.


The new LATEX package incorporates updated versions of the following ACM templates:

  •          ACM Journals: ACM Small, ACM Large, ACM and TOG (also for SIGGRAPH authors publishing in TOG)
  •          ACM proceedings templates: ACM Standard, SIGCHI, SIGCHI abstracts, SIGGRAPH (for proceedings only authors), and SIGPLAN
 NOTE: Most proceedings authors (including ICPS authors) will use the "sigconf" proceedings template. If you are unsure which template variant to use, please request clarification from your event or publication contact.

Notice to authors: the 2014-2015 ACM Proceedings article template will be deprecated Spring 2017. All ACM authors submitting articles now should use the new template for your next submission.  

2014-2015 ACM Proceedings article template will remain available here until Spring 2017.

The new templates enable you to import required indexing concepts for your article from the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS) using an indexing support tool found in the ACM Digital Library (DL) which generates the necessary TeX code once you have selected your terms (and generates XML for Word documents).

It is important to provide the proper indexing information from the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS). Accurate semantic tagging provides a reader with quick content reference; facilitates the DL search for related literature; enables several DL topic functions such as aggregated SIG and journal coverage areas; and helps ACM promote your work in other online resources.


If you have LaTeX-specific questions please review the User and Implementation Guide first.

ACM is happy to provide authors working with LATEX class and Word files technical help. Please direct your technical query to: acmtexsupport@aptaracorp.com

All email queries will be responded to within 24 hours.


Document Last Revised: January 19, 2017

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