Section 7.1.1

Exhibits Chair


Primary Contact: Conference Chair

Duration of Appointment: 12 to 20 months

Purpose: To oversee and/or carry out the staging and completion of an industry exhibition which supports the overall purpose of the conference.

Major Activities:

  1. Select consultant or volunteers who will exhibits management.
  2. Oversee and manage budget for exhibits management.
  3. Oversee the sale of exhibit space. This includes seeking new exhibitors as well as who have previously participated.
  4. Oversee and approve all copy for informational materials created. This includes: exhibitor application forms and contracts (including rules and regulations): exhibits floorplan; exhibitors prospectus; exhibitors manual; exhibitors guide.
  5. Oversee and approve all copy for promotional materials created. This includes: Materials related to exhibit space sales: news releases and advertising copy.
  6. Oversee the arrangement of advertising space/booth space trades with professional journals and periodicals.
  7. Oversee the coordination and assignment of booth space.
  8. Oversee the selection and management of the decorator and drayage contractors.
  9. Oversee the Collection of all space rental fees from exhibitors and forwarding that income to the conference treasurer.
  10. Oversee the coordination of and planning of all exhibit hall preparations. This includes: physical layout, power supply, telephones, lighting, refreshment services, first aid, exhibitor registration areas, move-in and move-out activities.
  11. Oversee the arrangement of an exhibitors reception (if required).
  12. Serve as "On-Site Manager", responsible for all on-site decision making.

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