SIG Conference Manual

Table of Contents

Organizing an ACM/SIG Conference

Section 1 - Preliminary Approval Form (PAF), Technical Meeting Request Forms (TMRF) and Approval Guidelines

1.1 Approval Summary and Joint Sponsorship Considerations 

1.2 Criteria for Sponsor/Co-Sponsor Conference Approval 

1.3 In-Cooperation Conference TMRF Guidelines 

1.4 ACM Name and Logo Usage


Section 3 - Budgets, Finance, and Registration

3.1 Conference Financial Management

3.2 Job Descriptions

3.3 Summary of ACM Policies & Procedures on Budgets & Finance (Policy

3.4 Procedures and Forms

3.5 Conference Final Financial Report Template

3.6 Conference Banking Guidelines - The primary requisite for opening a bank account is an approved TMRF budget. Please contact your SIG Staff Liaison.

3.7 Guidelines for Equipment Purchases

3.8 Visa Letters

3.9 The Use of Consulting Agreements

Section 4 - Publicity and Promotions

4.1 Job Descriptions/General Information

4.2 Notes on Promotion & Publicity

4.3 Commonly Asked Promotional Questions

4.4 Preparing Promotional Milestones

4.5 Sample Promotions

Section 5 - Operation and Logistics

5.1 Job Descriptions

5.2 Policy and Procedures Guidelines - Summary of Operations & Logistics (Policy

5.3 Budget Considerations

5.4 Music Licensing Fees

5.5 Site Selection/Site Inspection Notes

5.6 Hotel Contract Negotiations

5.7 Logistics

5.8 Transportation Considerations

5.9 Forms and Guidelines

  • 5.9.1 Contract Guidelines
    Please contact your SIG Staff Liaison for this document.
  • 5.9.2 Standard Hotel Contract
    Please contact your SIG Staff Liaison for this document
  • 5.9.3 Author Audio/Visual Request Form
    Please contact your SIG Staff Liaison for this document
  • 5.9.4 Sample Evaluation Form
    Please contact your SIG Staff Liaison for this document

Section 6 - Technical Program, Proceedings and Other Publications

ACM/IEEE CS Health of Conferences

6.1 Job Description

6.2 Letter to the Program Chair

6.3 Policy and Procedure Guidelines

6.4 Technical Session Outline

6.5 Program Committee

6.6 Production and Copyright of Proceedings (for Sponsored Conferences)

6.7 ACM Policy on Publication of Conference Proceedings in ACM Journals

6.8 Sample Forms and Guidelines

Section 7 - Exhibits

7.1 Job Description

7.2 Exhibit Guidelines

7.3 Sample Forms and Guidelines

Section 8 - Identity Standards Manual and ACM Logos

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Why I Belong to ACM

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