ACM Books Delivers Scholarship, Affordability, and Technical Breadth & Depth

ACM Books is a new series of scholarly research monographs and graduate-level texts, authored by computer scientists and practitioners at the forefront of computing technology. The series, published by ACM in collaboration with Morgan & Claypool Publishers, includes books from across the entire spectrum of computer science, geared to researchers, educators, practitioners and students.

The series focuses on four kinds of books: graduate-level textbooks; research monographs that provide an overview of established and emerging fields; practitioner-level professional books; and books devoted to the history and social impact of computing. ACM Books are conveniently published as ebooks and print volumes at affordable prices and widely distributed through booksellers and to libraries and individual ACM members via the ACM Digital Library.

Find Subject Coverage that Spans the Entire Range of Computing Science

ACM Books currently has subject editors for the many fields of computing research and information (see listing). We will expand this list to cover all areas of computer science and engineering research, and so this list will grow and change as we progress.

Discover an Editorial Board Comprised of the Foremost Names in Computer Science

ACM Books is managed by an editorial board composed of world renowned professionals in computer science and engineering who collectively represent the field’s major areas of study. The Editor-in-Chief, M. Tamer Özsu, is Professor of Computer Science at the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science of the University of Waterloo.

Authors – Submit Your Work to the World's Most Respected Computing Science Publisher

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For more information about requirements and services provided by ACM, please see the Publishing Process webpage.

Smart, Aggressive Promotion Drives Sales of ACM Books

As the world's largest international association and publisher in the field of computing, ACM has the ability to promote your work to a global audience. To enhance discovery, all ACM Books are included in the ACM Digital Library. At present, more than 1,500,000 students, researchers, educators, and practitioners from over 2,800 institutions from academia, government, and industry regularly download content from the ACM Digital Library. Learn more.

Purchase Individual Titles or Save with Affordably Price Subscriptions

ACM Books are priced affordably for institutions to maximize the accessibility of all titles published in the series. Pricing is based on an “ownership model” that provides “archival rights” for customers purchasing the entire collection of ACM Books, with the ability to locally host individual titles for internal use at the discretion of the purchasing institution.

While individual titles in the series are available for purchase through the most popular book and e-book retailers, the most affordable way for individuals to access every book is through the heavily discounted ACM Membership pricing option ($29 annual price for professional members and $10 annual price for student members).

Another option is to make a purchase recommendation to your institution. Bundled pricing for institutions makes it possible for all users within the institutions to have unrestricted access to all titles published in the ACM Books series.

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ACM Books Subject Coverage

•  Algorithms and Complexity
•  Bioinformatics
•  Cloud Computing
•  Computer Graphics
•  Data Management
•  History of Computing
•  Human-centered Computing
•  Information Retrieval & Digital Libraries
•  Machine Learning & Data Mining
•  Mobile Computing
•  Multimedia Systems
•  Networking & Communications
•  Parallel Computing
•  Programming Languages
•  Security & Privacy
•  Social Computing
•  Software Engineering
•  Spatial and Geographic Information Systems
•  Web Technology & Science