Vivek Kulkarni

Short CV: Vivek Kulkarni is currently working as Chief Architect in Persistent LABS. He has a total experience of 20+ years in academia and software industry. He has served as a subject chairman for multiple subjects for the Board of Computer Engineering, University of Pune in the past. He has written multiple books on "Theory of Computation''; these include the recent one of the same title with Oxford University Press that was published in April 2013. This book has been recommended by Pune University as a reference book, in their newly revised 3rd year computer science syllabus. He has also worked in organizations such as BMC Software, Symantec Corporation, and Tech-Mahindra. He holds an international patent, "System and Method of Universal Programming Language Conversion", in his name as an inventor.

Title of Talk 1: Theory of Computation
Synopsis: Overview of basic concepts such as symbols, alphabets, sets, relations, graphs, strings, and formal languages. Important topics covered will be: finite state machines, regular expressions, grammars, and pushdown stack-memory machine, Turing machine, parsing techniques, Post machine, etc. Emphasis is on Turing machine model and the symbol manipulation theory. Applications of the subject are also covered.

Title of Talk 2: Compiler Construction
Synopsis: Overview of the basics of compilation theory with the five-phase compiler model. Parsing techniques and the automated parser generation are covered. The details of intermediate code generation, especially three-address codes are also touched. Code optimization/modification is conveyed with examples. The intent is to give some flavor of the tools like Lex/Yacc and ANTLR.

Vivek Kulkarni

Qualifications: B.E. Computer Science

Title: Chief Architect

Affiliation: Persistent Systems Ltd.

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