Check Out the New Enhanced Safari Learning Platform

June 22, 2017

Your ACM Professional Membership now gives you access to the new Safari Learning Platform. This means that you will now have access to Safari’s entire collection of 40,000+ online books from O'Reilly and other top publishers; 4,900+ video courses and O'Reilly conference videos; 200+ learning paths; 300+ live online training classes; and more new features, including the new mobile O'Reilly app for iOS and Android with enhanced functionality.

The new Safari Learning Platform gives you access to expanded content and essential tools to help you advance in your career:

  • O’Reilly books and conference videos offering first-hand information from authors and speakers, as well as content from 200+ of the world’s best publishers, bringing you high-quality content across a broad array of subjects
  • Multiple content formats so you can customize your learning experience by watching, reading, listening, or interacting with live code, and personalization linked to your usage patterns, delivering the content most relevant to you
  • Beginner-to-advanced content, allowing you to solve high-priority problems or learn new subjects in depth
  • Live online training courses on hot-button topics taught by real-world experts for hands-on, interactive learning
  • Interactive tutorials that blend video narratives and in-browser executable code to offer a new hands-on learning experience
  • Curated learning paths, helping you master specific topics presented in a logical sequence that makes learning easy

To get started exploring the new Safari Learning Platform, visit the ACM Learning Center and click the Safari Learning Platform link in the top right and enter your ACM Web Account information on the next page (ACM Login).

To ease the transition from “Safari Classic” to “New Safari,” we are keeping the old platform open until July 17. You can access the old platform, as well as instructions on manually moving your saved titles, notes, and highlights by clicking “Safari Classic” in the top right corner of the ACM Learning Center. Please be advised that you will need to log in to each of the Safari platforms individually. You can also read our Safari FAQs for more information on the new platform.