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Welcome to the May 2015 ACM Learning Center Bulletin, keeping you current on the many online learning tools ACM offers to help extend our members' skills and knowledge. To suggest addition of books, courses; future Tech Packs or Webinar topics; or just offer feedback, leave a note in the Learning Center Suggestion Box.


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Register for June 2 Webcast: "Agile and Evolutionary Software Development"
If you haven't yet done so, register now for "Agile and Evolutionary Software Development", presented on June 2 at noon ET by V�clav Rajlich, professor and former chair of Computer Science at Wayne State University. This webcast discusses reasons for this shift and new issues that emerged. It also discusses the process of software change, which is the fundamental software evolution task. It briefly contrasts software evolution and software maintenance. It presents both the current state of the art and the perspectives of future advances.

Register for June 8 "ACM SIGSOFT Town Hall Webinar"
If you haven't yet done so, register now for "ACM SIGSOFT Town Hall Webinar", presented on June 8 at 3 PM ET by Will Tracz. This webinar provides attendees with the who, what, and what next, where of ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering. Attendees will be informed of changes in membership benefits, volunteer opportunities, and recent changes in ACM publication policies regarding open source access to conference proceedings. The initial presentation is scheduled for no more than 30 minutes with the remaining half hour reserved for answering questions.

Register for June 18 Webcast: "End-User Software Engineering: Beyond the Silos"
If you haven't yet done so, register now for "End-User Software Engineering: Beyond the Silos", presented on June 18 at 1 PM ET by Margaret Burnett, Professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University. End-user programming has become pervasive in our society, with end users programming simulations, courseware, spreadsheets, macros, mashups, and more. This talk considers what happens when we add consideration of the software lifecycle beyond the "coding" phase of end-user programming. Considering other phases is necessary, because there is ample evidence that the programs end users create are filled with errors. End-user software engineering (EUSE) is a research area that aims to invent new kinds of technologies that collaborate with end users to improve the quality of their software.

Register for June 25 ACM Learning Webinar: "Are You Getting Traction? Tales from the Tech Transfer Trenches"
If you haven't yet done so, register now for "Are You Getting Traction? Tales from the Tech Transfer Trenches", presented on June 25 at noon ET by Satish Chandra, Samsung Electronics. In this talk, he would like to share the experiences he had in interacting with these constituencies; sometimes successful experiences, but at other times not so successful ones. The webinar will focus broadly on tools in two areas: bug finding and test automation. Satish will make some observations on when tech transfer works and when it stumbles.

You can view our entire archive of past ACM Learning Webinars on demand at http://learning.acm.org/webinar/.

On-Demand Webcast: "Making the Digital and Physical Worlds Accessible for People with Disabilities"
"Making the Digital and Physical Worlds Accessible for People with Disabilities", presented by Eve Andersson of Google, is now available on demand. In this talk, Eve Andersson discusses cutting edge research and development related to the field of accessibility, including areas ripe for additional research efforts. We'll also talk about things to keep in mind when designing, building, and testing your Web or mobile application, so that you can ensure you're serving as many people as possible.

On-Demand Webcast with 2014 Turing Winner Michael Stonebraker
"The Fast Data Challenge and Picking the Right Database: Why One Size Doesn�t Fit All", presented by 2014 Turing Winner Michael Stonebraker, is now available on demand. In this talk, Stonebraker shares his "one-size-doesn�t-fit-all" perspective when it comes to picking the right tool for the job. He explains the fast data stack, why traditional RDBMS�s fall short and how a modern in-memory SQL, ACID compliant, database with a scale-out architecture is the right choice for enabling fast data applications. Then watch as John Hugg provides the �proof in the pudding� with a step-by-step review of his Unique Devices application, which performs real-time analytics on fast moving data. It's a representative implementation of the speed layer in the Lambda Architecture with the logic captured in just 30 lines of code. Aaron J. Elmore, Michael's Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, moderates.

New Skillsoft Courseware
Recently, we updated our collection of Skillsoft online courses, with significant enhancement to coverage of software and web development skills. New course packages include AngularJS, Building Apps with jQuery Mobile, C++11 Programming Essentials, Developing with Kendo UI, Developing With Python, Fundamentals of Eclipse, Java Hibernate, JavaScript Essentials, JavaScript - Ember.js, JavaScript Sencha, JavaScript Single Page Apps, MySQL Essentials, Programming in C#, Programming in C++, Ruby On Rails, Ruby Programming, Selenium Automated Web Testing, and Software Development Fundamentals.

To access these courses, log into Skillport while logged into the Learning Center with your ACM member credentials and browse the course catalog. See all the newly added titles at http://learning.acm.org/skillsoft_exchange.cfm.

New Titles from Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress
Recently, new titles have been added to the Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress Books collection, with coverage spanning Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Computer Human Interaction, Computing for Engineering, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Management, Development Tools and Programming, Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering, Information Technology Networking, Professional and Career Development, Security, and Software. A total of 50 new titles have been added to the Learning Center catalog. Below are just some of the highlights from the new titles:
Learning Center: Books and Courses

Featured Skillsoft Course: SAP BusinessObjects: Crystal Reports
SAP BusinessObjects: Crystal Reports focuses on business data from a variety of sources stored in various formats. The volume and variety of business data presents immense potential for understanding and responding to customer requirements and business process optimization. In order to realize this potential, SAP provides the Crystal Reports reporting tool. Crystal Reports has supplanted the BusinessExplorer report designer as SAP's standard enterprise reporting tool. Crystal Reports provides the interface to allow business users to extract and present formatted, layout-centric reports from business data. Crystal Reports provides a very user-friendly interface to various data sources, including data sources outside of the SAP realm. This course provides an introduction to the Crystal Reports reporting tool, including an initiation to the user-friendly interface, the various formatting and layout options, as well as the various methods of data access made available to all levels of users through Crystal Reports. See ACM Learning Center's Skillsoft course catalog for our collection of IT courseware.

Did you know that ACM's Skillsoft collection includes the Department of Defense Knowledge Center, with dozens of courses tied to some of today's most popular certifications in information security? Downloade this content spreadsheet for the latest content catalog: http://www.acm.org/education/dod_kc_0315.xlsx. For more on the DoD KC, visit http://learning.acm.org/courses/index.cfm.

Recent Additions to Skillsoft IT and Desktop Video Library
Did you know that ACM members have access to thousands of IT and productivity videos from Skillsoft? Covering a variety of today's hottest topics, these videos offer "on-the-job" support and solutions for busy practitioners.

Recently, Skillsoft added significant video content in the following knowledge areas: CICD 1.0, CISSP 2015, CSSLP, Cucumber Fundamentals, DCICT 1.0, Defensive Programming, Java SE 8 Fundamentals, JSON Fundamentals, Mac OS X Yosemite, Microsoft Azure and SQL Server 2014, RavenDB, and Wordpress. See http://learning.acm.org/books/skillsoft_video.cfm for more information.

Learning Center: Other Resources

Tech Packs: Expert-Curated Readings on Hot Computing Topics
Have you looked at a Tech Pack yet? These innovative, integrated learning packages covering today's hottest topics in computing are created by subject matter expert committees who curate essential readings, such as foundational journal papers, conference proceedings, keynotes, and more. TechPacks available to members include: ACM Interview with Vint Cerf
Tune in as the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs advancing computing as a science and a profession discuss their background, experience, and career highlights, all while providing invaluable insights and lessons learned for future computing professionals in this ongoing series of exclusive interviews conducted by Stephen Ibaraki, Chair of the ACM Professional Development Committee.

This month's featured interview is with Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and Past President of the Association for Computing Machinery. Vint and Stephen discuss the highlights of Vint's career, his vision for ACM, the future of the Internet, and big ideas such as quantum computing and the singularity.

Discounts on CompTIA Certification Exams and Training Materials for ACM Members
Did you know that ACM members are now eligible for discounts on CompTIA certification exams (including A+, Network+, and Security+) as well as learning content and training materials that prepare learners for these certification exams? Members can save 15% on CompTIA Exam Vouchers/Bundles and 10% on Training Content/Materials using coupons found at http://learning.acm.org/courses/comptia.cfm. New certifications include Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), Healthcare IT Technician, Linux+, Mobile App Security+, Mobility+, Project+, Server+, Storage+, Strata+ (IT fundamentals), and more.

CompTIA is a leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications worldwide with popular exams in security, network administration, computer repair, and server administration. See http://learning.acm.org/courses/comptia.cfm for the new discount codes and more information.

Save 15% on EMC Courseware
ACM has partnered with EMC to bring members a 15% discount on practical training in some of today's most vital IT knowledge areas, such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information Storage and Management, Virtualization, and more. These EMC courses focus on technology, not products, to teach technology topics applicable to any vendor environment. Training is available in various modalities, including eLearning, instructor-led (ILT), online ILT, video ILT, and video ILT-stream. For the list of eligible courses and the discount code, visit the EMC courses page.

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