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Welcome to the July 2014 ACM Learning Center Bulletin, keeping you current on the many online learning tools ACM offers to help extend our members' skills and knowledge. To suggest addition of books, courses; future Tech Packs or Webinar topics; or just offer feedback, leave a note in the Learning Center Suggestion Box.


Learning Center Tech Packs

Watch "Simplifying Big Data with Hadoop" On Demand
"Simplifying Big Data with Hadoop" is now available on demand. Denny Lee, Senior Director, Data Platform, Concur Technologies led an engaging and well-attended presentation. Denny discussed Hadoop as the foundation for Big Data, diving into the technology behind it as well as its applications in business cases. Michael Zeller, Secretary/Treasurer of ACM SIGKDD and CEO of Zementis, moderated the dynamic questions and answers session.

You can stream this and all ACM Learning Webinars on your mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. And check out our past events, all available on demand (http://learning.acm.org/webinar).

ACM Student Member Access to Safari Books and Videos Extended
Good news: ACM has extended student member access to the entire custom collection of 700 Safari books and videos titles, including award-winning, best-selling technical books and videos from leading publishers such as Addison-Wesley, Cisco Press, McGraw Hill, Microsoft Press, O'Reilly, Peachpit Press, Pearson Education, Que, Wiley, and more. This extensive electronic reference library contains books on the latest software and technologies, certification study guides, video tutorials, and recordings from O'Reilly conferences. In addition to being able to download books and print custom summary documents, ACM Student Members can build their own custom libraries with favorite folders, saved searches, and smart folders, and access their books offline with Safari's mobile app. For more information on Safari Books Online, please visit http://learning.acm.org/books/index.cfm. To access Safari Books Online, log in with your ACM Student Member credentials through the ACM Learning Center or through myACM. And check out the Safari Books Online FAQ, which may answer many of your questions: http://learning.acm.org/about/saf_faq.cfm.

Complimentary Resources for ACM Student Members from Teradata University Network
ACM's new partnership with the Teradata University Network enables student members to access complimentary software from Teradata, MicroStrategy, SAS, Tableau, and other software tools, as well as datasets, case studies, free certification training, and other content. Currently present in 98 countries and accessed by students from over 1,700 universities, Teradata University Network (TUN) offers a unique learning and teaching experience that is supported by distinguished academics around the world. TUN provides hands-on training in combination with technical expertise. The goal of TUN is to challenge students to become innovative thinkers who know how to use data warehousing to create and enhance business value. TUN prepares its students for a competitive marketplace through offering corporate reality experience using Teradata data warehousing technology, and providing access to resources that would otherwise be overwhelmingly expensive for universities to develop and maintain. TUN is a free web-based portal for both faculty and the students, and supports students at undergraduate and graduate levels. To gain access to TUN resources visit http://learning.acm.org/courses/tun.cfm.

Learning Center

Featured MK Title: Software Engineering
Software Engineering: Architecture-driven Software Development is the first comprehensive guide to the underlying skills embodied in the IEEE's Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) standard. Standards expert Richard Schmidt explains the traditional software engineering practices recognized for developing projects for government or corporate systems. This book gives both software developers and system engineers key insights into how their skillsets support and complement each other. With a focus on these key knowledge areas, Software Engineering offers a set of best practices that can be applied to any industry or domain involved in developing software products.

This is just one of 225 titles from publishers Morgan Kaufmann (MK) and Syngress in ACM's eBook collection, now with greater and fresher coverage of the most bleeding-edge topics in computing, such as Big Data, Cybersecurity, Human-Computer Interaction, Parallel Computing, and more. The books are available in PDF (and some in ePub) and are downloadable to your desktop, laptop, tablet, and any popular eBook reader on your mobile device. All members (Student and Professional) can access them through the ACM Learning Center eBook catalogue as well as the ACM Digital Library.

Featured Skillsoft Course: Oracle Database 11g: Using SQL to Query Your Database
Oracle Database 11g: Using SQL to Query Your Database provides an overview of how to identify the concepts and components of an Oracle Database 11g database, how to retrieve information from it using SQL, and to identify the steps for sorting, limiting, modifying, and formatting this information. See ACM Learning Center's Skillsoft course catalog for our full collection of IT courseware.

Featured Safari Video: McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git
Are you taking advantage of ACM's collection of IT learning videos from Safari Books Online? Our library includes dozens of titles for your streaming convenience, all from some of prominent authors and training experts, and publishers like InfiniteSkills, O'Reilly, Pearson, Prentice Hall, Que, Sams, and Wrox.

In McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git in-depth video course, experts Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund help you explore the full spectrum of Git, from the foundations of how objects are hashed to the practical commands you need to be productive every day. You'll learn how Git not only incorporates the best features of existing source control systems, but also includes unique distributed capabilities that make version control commands available without connectivity.

Featured Skillsoft Video: IT Security: Cloud Security Models and Standards
Did you know that ACM members have access to thousands of IT and productivity videos from Skillsoft? Covering a variety of today's hottest topics, these videos offer "on-the-job" support and solutions for busy practitioners. To access these videos log into Skillsoft and Books 24x7 with your ACM member credentials, then browse by IT and Technical Video Topics.

IT Security: Cloud Security Models and Standards provides an overview on how to secure your cloud with the process standards used in IT security. It also explains the strengths and weaknesses of each standard framework, such as ITIL, SSAE 16, and ISO, and standards to audit the cloud providers' infrastructures to ensure they have security that mitigates risk.

ACM Podcast: Interview with David Blei, 2013 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award Recipient
Tune in as the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs advancing computing as a science and a profession discuss their background, experience, and career highlights, all while providing invaluable insights and lessons learned for future computing professionals in this ongoing series of exclusive interviews conducted by Stephen Ibaraki, Chair of the ACM Professional Development Committee.

This month, 2013 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award recipient David Blei joins Stephen as they talk statistical machine learning involving probabilistic topic models, Bayesian nonparametric methods, deep learning, and more.

Tech Packs

Tech Packs: Expert-Curated Readings on Hot Computing Topics
Have you looked at a Tech Pack yet? These innovative, integrated learning packages covering today's hottest topics in computing are created by subject matter expert committees who curate essential readings, such as foundational journal papers, conference proceedings, keynotes, and more. TechPacks available to members include: Other Tech Packs are in development on topics including Big Data, Bioinformatics, Computing Ethics and Professionalism, Machine Learning, Software as a Service, and Virtualization. Have a suggestion for another Tech Pack topic? Leave it in the Tech Pack Suggestion Box!
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