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Welcome to the August 2013 ACM Learning Center Bulletin, keeping you current on the many online learning tools ACM offers to help extend our members' skills and knowledge. To suggest addition of books, courses; future Tech Packs or Webinar topic; or just offer feedback, leave a note in the Learning Center Suggestion Box.


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Watch All Past ACM Learning Webinars
If you missed any of our Learning Webinars, or would like to see them again, you can now stream all past webcasts directly from the ACM Learning Center. You no longer need to register to view these on demand. You can also download a PDF file of the slides for each webinar.

The following presentations are now available for on-demand viewing:
  • July 2013, Changing How Programmers Think about Parallel Programming
  • June 2013, IBM Watson: Beyond Jeopardy
  • May 2013, Engineering Software as a Service: An Agile Software Approach
  • April 2013, Internet's Future Social Implications: Upheaval or "Trek's" Promise?
  • November 2012, Condos and Clouds: Patterns in SaaS Applications
  • September 2012, Recommender Systems: The Power of Personalization
  • June 2012, Big Data: End of the World or End of BI?
  • April 2012, Security: Computing in an Adversarial Environment
  • January 2012, The Cloud in Your Hands: Marriage of Cloud Computing with Smart Devices
New Safari App Enables Quick Login, Offline Bookbag for ACM Professional Members
Download Safari Books Online's new mobile app, Safari to Go (available in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play) for faster and easier mobile access to ACM's custom collection of 700 books and videos. Visit the Safari FAQ page in the Learning Center for instructions on logging in with your ACM Professional Member credentials. (You are no longer required to connect through the ACM Learning Center or myACM website before launching the app). Safari to Go also offers full functionality on WiFi and 3G/4G connections, is mobile-optimized for faster content loading and video playback, and allows you to download up to 3 books into the Offline Bookbag for those times when you can't connect to the web.

Featured ACM Skillsoft Courses: Cisco ROUTE 1.0
Members who hold Cisco Certified Network Associate credentials and are looking to move up to Network Professional (CCNP) and Design Professional (CCDP) certifications should consider preparing for the exam with the Cisco Route 1.0 course series. Lessons include: Routing Services for Converged Networks; EIGRP Implementation for the Enterprise; EIGRP Authentication and Advanced Feature Implementation; The OSPF Routing Protocol; Implementing an OSPF-Based Solution; Configuring and Verifying Route Redistribution; Implementing Path Control; Connecting the Enterprise to ISPs; and Configuring and Verifying BGP Operations. Also covered are IPv6 Addressing and Unicast; Implement RIPng, OSPFv3, EIGRP and Redistribution in IPv6; IPv6 Transition Techniques; NAT and PAT with IPv6; and Routing for Branch Offices and Mobile Workers. See ACM's Skillsoft course catalog for more info.

Learning Center

Featured MK Book: High Dynamic Range Imaging
There's more to ACM's e-book library than Books 24x7 and Safari Books Online, such as High Dynamic Range Imaging, from Morgan Kaufmann publishing. Written by the inventors and initial implementors of High Dynamic Range Imaging, the book describes HDRI technology in its entirety and covers the basic concepts (including just enough about human vision to explain why HDR images are necessary), image capture, image encoding, file formats, display techniques, tone mapping for lower dynamic range display, and the use of HDR images and calculations in 3D rendering.

This and another 150 titles from publishers Morgan Kaufmann (MK) and Syngress are available in PDF (and some in ePub) and downloadable to your desktop, laptop, tablet, and any popular e-book reader on your mobile device. All members (Student and Professional) can access them through the ACM Learning Center (click the eBooks link option under the Books & Video tab in the main navigation bar) as well as the ACM Digital Library (the eBooks link under Browse the Special Collections).

Morgan Kaufmann is a well-known and respected publisher of computer science titles spanning Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networking, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics and Game Development, Data Management and Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, and User Experience and Human Computer Interaction. Syngress specializes in books on Digital Forensics, Hacking and Penetration Testing, Certification, IT Security and Administration, and more. See the ACM eBook Catalog for all available titles, including books from Morgan Kaufman and Syngress.

Featured Safari Video: Learning Python Programming
Are you taking advantage of ACM's collection of IT learning videos from Safari Books Online? Our library includes nearly 100 titles for your streaming convenience, all from some of prominent authors and training experts, and publishers like InfiniteSkills, O'Reilly, Pearson, Prentice Hall, Que, Sams, and Wrox.

In Learning Python Programming, expert programmer and author Mike McMillan, offers Python beginners a tutorial in this popular programming language. Mike covers installing Python, data types and creating variables, input and output, decision making and repetition, iterators, list comprehension, and functions. He also covers variable scope, creating and using pre-built modules, object oriented programming, inheritance, exception handling, and using data structures. Throughout the course you will apply what you learn in real-world examples. Working files are included to allow you to use the same source material that the author does in this training course.

Interview with Mathai Joseph
Tune in as the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs advancing computing as a science and a profession discuss their background, experience, and career highlights, all while providing invaluable insights and lessons learned for future computing professionals in this ongoing series of exclusive interviews conducted by Stephen Ibaraki, Chair of the ACM Professional Development Committee.

Don't miss Stephen's latest (text) interview with Dr. Mathai Joseph, an internationally renowned author, executive, researcher, technology advisor, and a distinguished computer scientist. Dr. Joseph talks about his role in founding the ACM India Council, his new book on the rise of computing in India, and the many benefits of ACM membership.

Tech Packs

Tech Packs: Expert-Curated Readings on Hot Computing Topics
Have you looked at a Tech Pack yet? These innovative, integrated learning packages covering today's hottest topics in computing are created by subject matter expert committees who curate essential readings, such as foundational journal papers, conference proceedings, keynotes, and more. TechPacks available to members include: Other Tech Packs are in development on topics including Big Data, Bioinformatics, Computing Ethics and Professionalism, Machine Learning, Software as a Service, and Virtualization. Have a suggestion for another Tech Pack topic? Leave it in the Tech Pack Suggestion Box!

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