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Skillsoft Program: ACM E-Learning Catalog

ACM’s new custom collection of Skillsoft courses now offers access to the Department of Defense (DoD) KnowledgeCenter (KC), which includes 160+ courses with a heavy emphasis on cybersecurity and information assurance, in addition to 350 standalone courses covering a variety of top skillsets and vendor certifications. As in the past, the standalone courses are subject to periodic “course exchanges” at ACM’s discretion, while the DoD KC is a dynamic portal with automatic periodic updates to ensure currency of standards and certifications.

The DoD KC is an instant and ongoing professional development tool that through its dynamic portals offers IT professionals access to: highly interactive practice labs, structured roadmaps designed for an individualized learning experience, practice certification exams that help exceed the expected performance standards and test the depth of obtained knowledge, in addition to access for advice from “mentors” who are expert in their fields (via chat or email). The DoD KC offers a unique opportunity of scaffolding knowledge in a media-rich, context-based learning environment accommodating learners on various positions on the learning curve. The KC supports computing and IT professionals in mastering tools and technologies that align organizational practices with rigorous compliance standards enhancing information security.

In-Course Features

Course features include task-based software simulations and guided task exercises enabling ACM members to learn their chosen skill areas by performing real-world tasks. Guided task exercises help you learn incrementally. Printable course scripts help learners track their progress and record achievement..


Many of Skillsoft’s certification-track courses offer support from a community of professional mentors. This service includes real-time chat and email interaction. 24/7 mentoring is available for some certification-aligned tracks.

Offline Player—Download Content!

The SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM) allows you to take your training offline so you can access content even without a live Internet connection.


Skillsoft is an industry-leading provider of online training and professional development in today’s most in-demand IT and business skills. The company has garnered awards and recognition including several Best of Elearning! Awards for its IT content, Best Learning Management System for SkillPort, and has been named one of the Top 20 IT Training Companies several years in a row.

SkillSoft’s award-winning instructional design model draws heavily from adult learning principles that emphasize learner initiative, self-management and experiential learning.