Education Council and Education Board

The ACM education activity has been reorganized into two entities: the Education Council and the Education Board. The Board wields the final executive and decision-making power to facilitate the work of the Education Council. The Council is a task-force-based, networking-oriented environment whose aim is to promote ACM's educational mission to as wide a range of constituencies as possible: universities, community colleges, high schools, corporations, and the US government.

  • Education Board

      Mehran Sahami  
      Tracy Camp  
    ACM Headquarters
      Yan Timanovsky
    CSTA, ex officio
      Jake Baskin  
  • Education Council

      Mehran Sahami  
      Valerie Barr  
      Michelle  Craig
    Janice  E  Cuny
      Andrea  Danyluk  
      Susan  Eisenbach
      Michael  Goldweber  
      Steven  Ira  Gordon  
      Shuchi  Grover  
      Christopher  Hundhausen  
      Andrew  J  Ko  
      Mirella  M  Moro  
      Briana  Morrison  
      Peter  Norvig  
      Andrew  K.  Petersen  
      Susan  Reiser  
      Mihaela  Sabin
      Jodi  L  Tims
      Gerrit  Van Der Veer  
      R.  Venkatesh
      Mark  Allen  Weiss  
      Pat  Yongpradit
      Ming  Zhang  
      Stuart  Zweben  
    Headquarters Liaison
      Yan Timanovsky
      Owen Astrachan  
      Alison  Clear  
      Dan  Garcia  
      Eric  Roberts
      Heikki  Topi  

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