Practitioners Board


The Practitioners Board is responsible for developing programs that support the professional needs of ACM members as well as promoting computing as a profession. The Practitioners Board and Professional Development Committee focus on products and services that support and enhance the professional and technical development of practicing computing professionals, including engineers, architects, IT specialists and managers.

Following is a roster of the ACM Practitioners Board, constituted in July 2016:


  • Terry J Coatta - Co-Chair
  • Stephen Ibaraki - Co-Chair
  • Eve A Andersson
  • Stephen Bourne
  • Frits Bussemaker
  • Alain Chesnais
  • Adam Cole
  • Andrew Conklin
  • Michael G Hinchey
  • Srikantan Moorthy
  • Dave P O'Leary
  • Toufi Saliba
  • Theo Ezell Schlossnagle
  • Xiaosheng Tan

Conference Committee

  • Toufi Saliba, Chair
  • Llanjin Huang
  • Michael G Hinchey
  • Audrey Raby
  • Xiaosheng Tan


  • Peter Lee
  • Thomas Wiegand

Yan Timanovsky - ACM Staff (HQ) Liaison

Operational Goals

Safari Big Data Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for executives, stakeholders, project managers, and IT managers who want to gain a good understanding of the phenomenon of Big Data so they can help their organizations make the most of their data. Learn what Big Data is, the technologies for working with Big Data, its applications, and how to generate business insights and value from it.