Practitioners Board

The Practitioners Board is responsible for developing programs that support the professional needs of ACM members as well as promoting computing as a profession. The Practitioners Board and Professional Development Committee focus on products and services that support and enhance the professional and technical development of practicing computing professionals, including engineers, architects, IT specialists and managers.


  • Practitioners Board

      Terry  J Coatta  
    Conference Committee
    Michael  G  Hinchey
      Xiaosheng  Tan
      Thomas Wiegand
    Past Chair
      Stephen Ibaraki

Live Online Training: Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts

Blockchain and crypto currency are important tools for a decentralized market that needs to protect its speed, security, and reputation. This training will cover the basics of blockchain, digital trust, major cryptocurrency solutions, and it will teach you how to define and code digital contracts. Students in this course will learn how to create and run successful applications on blockchain.

Featured resource: Live Online Training: Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts