Practitioners Board Marketing Committee


The ACM Practitioners Board Marketing Committee is responsible for raising awareness of and promoting ACM’s products and services, in particular those that impact the career and technical development of practicing computing professionals, including software and systems developers, engineers, architects, administrators, data and cybersecurity professionals, IT specialists, and managers. It is overseen by the Practitioners Board.

Following is a roster of the ACM Practitioners Board Marketing Committee, constituted in July 2016:


  • Dave O'Leary, Chair
  • Frits Bussemaker, Deputy Chair
  • Adam Cole
  • Stephen Ibaraki
  • Nithin Jilla
  • Elim Kay


  • Alain Chesnais
  • Juan Miguel De Joya
  • Dominic Holt
  • Patrick Malone
  • Robin Raskin
  • Toufi Saliba
  • Deb Sorenson

Yan Timanovsky, ACM Staff (HQ) Liaison

Operational Goals

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