Practitioners Board Marketing Committee

The ACM Practitioners Board Marketing Committee is responsible for raising awareness of and promoting ACM’s products and services, in particular those that impact the career and technical development of practicing computing professionals, including software and systems developers, engineers, architects, administrators, data and cybersecurity professionals, IT specialists, and managers. It is overseen by the Practitioners Board.


  • Practitioners Board Marketing Committee

    Deputy Chair
      Frits Bussemaker
      Adam Cole
      Stephen  Ibaraki
      Nithin  Jilla
      Elim  Kay
      Alain Chesnais  
      Patrick  George  Malone
      Robin  Raskin
      Deb  Sorenson
    ACM Staff Liaison
      Yan Timanovsky

Algorithms: 24-part Lecture Series

This collection of video lectures provides a comprehensive exploration of fundamental data types, algorithms, and data structures, with an emphasis on applications and scientific performance analysis of Java implementations. The instructors offer readings related to these lectures that you can find in Algorithms, Fourth Edition, the leading textbook on algorithms today. These lectures provide another perspective on the material presented in the book and generally cover the material in the same order, though some book topics have been combined, rearranged, or omitted in the lectures.

Featured video: Algorithms: 24-part Lecture Series