2017 ACM SIGMM Election Results

(For the term of 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2019)


Prof. Alan F. Smeaton MRIA FIEEE
Director, Insight Centre for Data Analytics
Dublin City University
Glasnevin, Dublin 9
Phone: +353-1-7005262
Email: alan.smeaton@dcu.ie


Prof. Nicu Sebe, Ph.D.
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
University of Trento
Via Sommarive 9
38123 Povo - Trento
Phone: +39 0461 28 2989
Email: niculae.sebe@unitn.it

Director of Conferences

Gerald Friedland
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Soda Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
City, ZIP, State, Country
Phone: +1-510-666-2987
Email: fractor@eecs.berkeley.edu