2022 ACM SIG Elections

In accordance with ACM Bylaw 6, the following SIGs will hold elections in April 2022: SIGCSE; SIGHPC; SIGIR; and SIGLOG.

SIG elections are generally scheduled to take place in odd numbered years, with the elected officers holding office for a set number of years as set forth in the SIG's bylaws. There is a provision for the SIG’s Executive Committee to make a one-time request to extend its term of office. This provision was introduced so that SIGs did not have to hold an expensive election when officers would be rerunning for office, since incumbents were usually reelected.

The following SIGs have requested, and the SIG Governing Board EC has granted, an extension of terms.

  • SIGAI: Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence
  • SIGSIM: Special Interest Group on Simulation

Voting members of SIGAI and SIGSIM may petition the ACM to request an election.  A petition with the names/signatures of at least 1% of the SIG's members must be submitted to ACM HQ by 14 October 2021.  To initiate the petition process, please contact Pat Ryan, ACM’s Chief Operating Officer (ryanp@hq.acm.org).  If the petition is successful, the SIG will be asked to form a nominating committee and begin the electoral process.