ACM SIGDA Bylaw Amendment Vote

A third party, "Election Services Corporation (ESC)", is conducting the 2020 ACM SIGDA Bylaw Amendment Vote

Information required to vote:

  • Your Email Address (The email address associated with your ACM/SIG member record).
  • Your 10-digit unique pin can be found in the email sent from Election Services Corporation (ESC).

Vote Now in the ACM election button

The SIGDA Executive Committee (EC) is recommending modifications to the bylaws, specifically pertaining to the elections. Articles 11 and 12 have suggested modifications, unanimously approved by the EC. The changes suggested will have the chair for SIGDA directly elected by the membership. The change also includes additional eligibility criteria for nominations to emphasize continued contributions to SIGDA.

We seek your vote for approval of the proposed bylaws at the link below.

The current bylaws are at this link for your reference.

We appreciate you taking the time to approve this change. Votes must be cast by 17 July 2020.