ACM Corporate Membership Program

Provide the Best Resources to Keep Your Technical Staff Informed on the State of the Art

The ACM Corporate Membership Program allows companies of any size to provide ACM Professional Membership to their technical staff at a greatly reduced collective cost.

Through the ACM Corporate Membership Program, ACM offers annual membership at $49 per person. This is more than half off our standard professional membership fee of $99. Each member of your technical staff will receive all the benefits of individual professional ACM membership, including:

  • Electronic subscription to Communications of the ACM
  • Unlimited access to Safari’s entire collection of more than 50,000 online books, videos and interactive tutorials
  • Unlimited access to more than 1,750 online courses, nearly 5,000 eBooks, and more than 30,000 short videos from Skillsoft
  • And much more

To get started, simply provide a list of the names and email addresses of your technical staff. We'll handle the mechanics of annual billing, and adding and removing employees dynamically as they join your company or leave. While there is no maximum number of employees you can add to a corporate membership, the minimum number of employees is 10.

For more information, contact Cindy Ryan at or 212-626-0510.

Why I Belong to ACM

Hear from Bryan Cantrill, vice president of engineering at Joyent, Ben Fried chief information officer at Google, and Theo Schlossnagle, OmniTI founder on why they are members of ACM.